Access to medicine and affordable healthcare

Access to medicine and affordable healthcare

Many people across the world face many challenges in accessing quality healthcare. This usually affects low income families who find it difficult to access medicine when they get sick. This leads to a lot of suffering and depression among these families. There are several reasons why I would focus on this medical issue instead of population. The first reason is to reduce pain and suffering. Many low income families who cannot get access to medicine suffer a lot. They go through pain which makes my heart sad. I don’t like hearing people suffer from things we can solve. That is why I intend to develop this human service program. The second reason is to reduce prolonged illness. Inability to get access to medicine and quality healthcare leads to prolonged illness (Baldoni, 2019). This means that patients from such low income families take too long to heal. This can lead to reduced production in the economy. This happens when the sick people don’t go to work because the sickness is taking too long to heal.

Another reason why I intend to develop this program is to prevent and reduce number of deaths. Having no access to essential medicines has led to numerous numbers of deaths in low income families. This brings pain to family members and friends after losing their loved ones. Some children are left orphaned or single parented which affects their lives negatively. It pains me to see innocent children left on their own struggling with life when we can help. That is why I feel it is important to support such families to get access to medicines so that they can stay with their loved ones in peace. In addition to this, women and men can be left widowed which can affect their lives negatively as well. It is very painful to lose your loved in a situation that can be prevented. Poverty has affected the administration of quality healthcare to people in many ways (Benjamin, 2018). These are the reasons why I intend to develop this program. The main point behind this is to become a blessing in another person’s life.

The main issues I plan to address in this program include the following. The first issue is holistic individual health. This is characterized by the treatment of the whole individual, taking into account social and mental factors, rather than just the symptoms of the disease. Another issue is high costs of medicines and lack of insurance coverage (Alexander, 2020). These issues go hand in hand. To be specific, they are the main reasons why individuals from low income families find it difficult to access medicines and quality health care. That is why I believe that if these issues are addressed and solved, these families will benefit and get access to medicines and quality health care.

The following are also healthcare needs that my program will address. They include mental, physical, sensory, emotional, developmental and behavioral needs that require good medical management, specialized services and effective healthcare interventions. These needs are very important in human life and that is why they are going to be taken seriously. I believe that if these issues I have raised in this program can be fixed, then millions of families will get solutions to their health problems.


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