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You are the director of flight operations for a commercial air- and space-lift company that has developed an air launch system comprised of a large fixed-wing turbojet-powered aircraft (“mother ship”) that takes off horizontally carrying a rocket (and its payload) to about 50,000′, where it releases the rocket. The rocket then ignites and carries its payload to low earth orbit. After the payload separates from the rocket at about 370,000′ and flies into low earth orbit, the rocket returns to earth for a vertical landing by parachute at a downrange location. The mother ship returns for a normal airplane landing at the mission’s point of origin.

1. Assuming a flight goes according to plan, at what points in the mission profile described does the operation leave airspace and enter space on the ascent and leave space and re-enter airspace on descent? Name, describe, and explain the reasoning behind that altitude being internationally accepted as the line of demarcation between airspace and space.

2.Identify the international treaty that gives the underlying nation complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above that nation, and that serves as a basis for that nation exercising legal regulatory authority over the portion(s) of that flight conducted in that airspace.

3. Identify the international treaty that is the basis for the law governing operations in space.

4. The flight goes according to plan until the point where the descending spent rocket’s parachute fails to open, causing it to fall at high velocity onto a cruise liner at sea, causing considerable damage to the vessel and death or injury to many persons aboard. Apply the appropriate provision of the treaty you identified in your answer to 3, above, to determine liability under international law for that damage.

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