Assignment Help| One of the themes that we’ve covered in this lesson is about the similarities

One of the themes that we’ve covered in this lesson is about the similarities we share with other cultures different from our own. When we think about how we connect with other people outside our own experiences, we start to become more aware of what it means to be human. Another theme we’ve covered in this lesson is appropriation, or borrowing from another culture often while disparaging the original. I want you to think about the ways we could appreciate other cultures and not disregard them. Many of you may be even come from or have relatives/ancestors from outside California or the US. What do you think about the way we portray other societies here? Is it respectful? Or, is it dismissing their value? What about the art they make? If we don’t respect the culture, will we be able to truly understand their art forms?

For your Discussion Board post this week, please consider and respond to 2 of the following topics. Please, everyone, remember to be respectful of each other’s comments! This can be a “hot” topic with multiple strong opinions. We are here to share and, hopefully, learn from one another.

• What cultural appropriation have you witnessed in the media (television, magazines, music, etc.)?

• If you saw someone wearing or doing something that was culturally offensive, what would you do?

• Is what I am doing or wearing perpetuating any racial or religious stereotype? Am I reducing anyone or any culture down to a caricature?

• When shopping ask yourself if what you want to buy is tied to a culture. Is it accurately representing that culture or stereotyping it?

• Think about your favorite artist and whether or not you have ever seen them wearing or doing something that was cultural appropriation. Think about the popularity of this person and the impact they have on their fans. Many will assume that if they do it, it is okay. Should you question this notion.

• Have you ever worn anything just because you were trying to make a “fashion statement” without realizing it is from another culture and is cultural appropriation?

• Are you really appreciating a culture when it is represented from something bought from stores like Target, Wal-Mart, or other commercialized chain stores?

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