Tuchman’s Explanation of Group Dynamics

Groups with progressive dynamics are easy to identify, there is a strong cohesive bond between the members and they work towards a common objective. Every member in the group is accountable for the for progress of the group. Deviance is witnessed for a group with pour dynamics, that’s the group has not undergone the five stages of maturity as per the xxx theorem. Poor group dynamics are influenced by poor leadership, excessive deference with the authority free riding and evaluation apprehension.

Tuchman’s explanation of group dynamics  can be used to evaluate group activities for each stage in group development, when a new group is formed ,its essential to have team building practices to equip the team  members with a knowhow for progressing to other phases of development. For example a marketing team leader for a group is marketing a food product to new customers. The campaign takes six months. Almost have of the team are full time workers who are familiar with each other and have been working together for years. The other six are remote workers hired by a certain company, a managing team leader focus will be improving communication with the remote employees. Considering the Tuchman’s theory, the first stage of forming will involve forming whereby the introduction of the group will involve matching every team member with a new team member, the group members will exchange names and tell the areas they can best work at. Subsequently moving to second stage, storming; the members are required to consult each other because the work is new to everyone, members should be ready to give compliments. It’s essential for members to appreciate each other , acknowledge every member in the group has a significant role to participate. Mapping visuals in presentation give the group members morale that the team has progress.

Norming give the group a wide berth as members realize their performing stage. At these stage members are familiar with their roles and must not draw back to storming. at the storming phase members encourage each other on the best working plan to improve productivity and make the work simplified. The stage should be the stabilization moment; there should be least temporally excuses and problems. The fourth stage involve performing activities, culnation of the group progress is updated to take a  relief. The group decides whether to continue with the momentum or improve the norm of performing their activities. The group is pressurized to think of the future, the team visualize on the heading point and look even in detail the more success they will achieve. At adjournment, the group consisted of remote workers and urban works, both members will have gained success and at this phase they will acknowledge the accomplishments. Any member willing to move other contract engagement is permitted, the supply and stability of the group is already stabilized.

Tuchman’s explanation of group dynamics is essential in creating an effective hybrid group, following the theorem as group leader helps members to focus. While forming groups ,organizers should recognize the significant role played by the group dynamics.

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