In all parts of the world, there is a natural demand for climate change and environmental improvements that is only achievable through human influences and natural ecological processes such as tree planting. The human decision to plant trees is regarded as a human influence that brings about the sustainability of a good environment alongside all relevant changes and improvements. As planted trees grows, they help in bringing climate changes to a stop. Stopping climate change by trees is achievable as trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in the soil and trees, and eventually release oxygen into the atmosphere to keep the environment fresh for birthing day and night. Therefore, trees usually enhance the competition of air circulation, thereby providing numerous benefits to human beings and other living things on daily basis. Based on such benefits of trees in our environments, this report intends to outline how climate change is achievable through tree planting. At this level, the change I intend to make in our environments is first outstated alongside the means through which shall achieve the proposed change is outlined. The report also outlines how tree planting brings about environmental sustainability in different altitudes across the globe. In the report, the relevant resources required for achieving maximum global tree planting are highlighted. Lastly, the report elaborates possible challenges that normally come about with tree planting practices.

The change I want to make is climate change

Considering the ever-changing environmental and climatic conditions, I would like to make a climate change for environmental sustainability. Good climatic conditions and environmental sustainability are easily achieved whenever a positive climate change is initiated in an environment. In this proposed project, the basic resources that I intend to focus on as basic necessity for tree planting and for the growth of the trees include; water, nutrients, and sunlight. Based on the ground of challenges associated with tree planting, I am prepared for water challenges such as water insufficiency and water pollution. Besides, I am prepared for deficiency of nutrients and poor soils that demands the used of fertilizers.

How I want to make the climate change is through tree planting.

Usually, tree planting can initiate climate change within any given environment through plenty of tree planting and reforestation, where trees earlier existed but were cut. The reason is trees are the ultimate carbon storage machines that are naturally sustained. Through photosynthesis, all plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for their growth and energy. As they grow, trees produces oxygen that we breathe as a byproduct of the photosynthesis process. In a completed air circulation, the carbon is stored in biomass, the roots, trunk, leaves, and the soil. In such a high level of carbon storage, planting the highest number of trees helps in mitigating climate. Through continuous planting of new trees and reforestation, trees impose environmental effects that help tackle climate changes.

However, planting trees and reforestation alone can’t solve global climate change. When tree planting is combined with good restoration of the existing forests, alongside reducing emissions, tree planting significantly plays a recommendable role in solving climate change issues and contributes immensely on making climate change. Therefore, in my change initiation project, the intention of making climate change is highly achievable through practical tree planting for sustainability.

Usually, achieving environmental sustainability is possible through consistent increments in the number of trees in our environments. As trees are planted, young trees absorb carbon dioxide at a lower rate than older trees and are dependent on the local environmental conditions and the tree species planted. As the planted trees grow, they increase their carbon dioxide absorption capacity, improving tracking climate and biodiversity breakdown. Therefore, any young tree we plant now will be more important for the future, thus, environmental sustainability.

Relevant resources required for tree planting projest

There are a variety of resources that are necessary for tree planting projects. These resources include; well-prepared soil, water, fertilizer, seedlings, and enough light. At the individual level, I have the determination to have the soil well prepared, fertilizers put standby, enough seedlings put ready for planting, reliable accessibility of water, and enough lighting to ensure that the tree-planting project is successful. As argued by Cavicchioli et al. (2019), based on skills of change agents, tree planting of afforestation and reforestation initiatives mitigates the effects of climate change and supports positive transition to regenerative ecosystem casting nature as a partner rather than an obstacle. According Rae, Simon, and Braden, (2017), before planting trees, one needs to get the soil prepared. Alongside putting the soil I intend to use well prepared, I will also put the weed management techniques together with effective fertilization criteria. Besides, it is resourceful to have the best seeds for given local environmental conditions. The reason is that the success of any tree planting project depends on factors such as the right tree for the right place and the right purpose. Thus, after an indepth research about the local environment and the trees that best grow in its soils, I will settle on the best seeds and plant them with all planting and growth factors put forth.

In addition, it is also resourceful and beneficial to have the local communities consulted and involved during the tree planting undertakings. On this ground, while conducting the intended tree planting project, I will maximize attempts to involve the local community within the targeted area. Reason is that I must try to see myself as one of them to understand the importance of planting more trees within their locality for environmental sustainability. According to Cavicchioli, et al., (2019), any carefully considered tree-planting strategy that incorporates local communities is essential to protect the world’s soil, carbon sinks, and biodiversity. Therefore, based on theory U, which emphasizes learning from the future as it emerges, I intend to put climate change and environmental improvements targets into a key target using the resources for a tree planting project. Among other resources, I will be engaging the locals with all relevant tree planting resources to plant and maintain plants’ growth for achieving the expected climate changes.

Challenges associated with the tree planting project

            Like any other environmental human influence, tree planting practices are faced with several challenges. Such challenges include; suitability of the local climate and conditions, disruptions of the existing biodiversity ecosystems, pest attacks, increased water and soil pollution, luck of corporation by local communities, sunlight variations, and poor tree planting project governance. Some of these challenges, especially those naturally driven, such as sunlight-related challenges, are not directly controllable. However, a number of these challenges are controllable to suite the required conditions for tree planting.

In a tree planting program, the challenge of local climate and conditions suitability commonly arises with any wrong choices of the tree species planted. Here, tree planting programs in which tree species are not suited to the local climates and conditions are likely to face hardships in achieving the project’s final objective. This is because, when tree species are wrongly chosen without factoring in the local environmental conditions, such trees are more likely to dry off or stagnate in growth.

In a tree planting program whereby the existing bio-diverse ecosystems are disrupted or destroyed, there is a likelihood of coursing environmental damages.

For instance, whenever there is a destruction of native wetlands and grasslands has been existing that have been acting as important habitats already, any new plants planted are not likely to be as healthy as they ought to be in case the already existing bio-diverse ecosystems are not destroyed.

Besides, in the process of tree planting, wherever there is only one kind of tree planted instead of a mixture of species, the trees are likely to be faced with limited tree pest-resiliency. This is because, one type of tree spicy is likely to develop negligible pest resistance. Such low level of pest resistance makes it easy for pests to destroy such young trees. This makes the health of these trees to deteriorate alongside limited growth consistently.

In addition, the tree planting project is faced with the challenge of water pollutions and even soil pollutions that are brought about by the nearby area pollutions. Such pollutions are as a result of numerous emissions from plants and factories around the project’s locality. The soils next to the tree planting areas are not by any means prepared for tree planting and they are sometimes already polluted with waters that irrigate the plants around them. Such pollutions hinder new plants from accessing clean water and pure soils for their healthy growth.

The tree planting project and program also face the challenge of luck of coordination by the local communities. This challenge a time emerges when the local communities are not involved or consulted properly in support of the tree planting project. According to Chazdon, et al., (2021), whenever only a few individuals having positions of power are active during a tree planting program, there is higher likelihood of  no maximization of the number of trees planted due to luck of local community support. This challenge also comes about with little and minimal maintenance of the planted trees. The locals may not even bother about the trees being kept away from animal reach and no consistent watering of the young trees.

Lastly, there is a challenge of poor tree planting project governance and poor local community governance. Such poor governance is linked to poor knowledge about the ecosystems, especially when individuals heading the projects tend to dominate the project proceedings and sources for governance knowledge from none. The poor governance easily causes severe damages to the tree planting project objectives, lowering the success rates of the project.

Final remarks and conclusion

            In conclusion, to make contributions toward environmental improvements, I want to make climate change within my surroundings. To achieve this change, I would like to achieve climate change through tree planting for sustainability. For a successful tree planting project, I put several resources in place. These resources include; well-prepared soil, water, fertilizer, seedlings, and enough light. However much that tree planting project is a key for ensuring climate change and environmental sustainability, a tree planting program faces numerous challenges. These challenges include challenging local climate and conditions suitability, disruptions of the existing biodiversity ecosystems, pest attacks, increased water and soil pollution, luck of corporation by local communities, sunlight variations, and poor tree planting project governance. However much that most of these challenges are controllable by human influence, those naturally driven challenges such as sunlight variations are not possible to be controlled by human influence.

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