National organization for women

National organization for women believes that it is time for true equality. Their arguments were based on a woman being a human being, and upon accepting the responsibility women share with other people, everybody will support true equality. A lot of changes are on these equality revolutions are underway[1]. It emphasizes support against discrimination of women in the government and other leadership platforms by saying that women are also capable, which is evident from how responsible they are when it comes to their families. This role is said to be theirs. NOW highlights how technology has reduced chores meant for women in industries, among other places, to unskilled labor. This reduction has led to the decline of the number of women in actual job positions and executive ranks, in which we have an insight of most Negro women working in jobs generating low income. Most women are neither getting higher education nor finishing their college education, leading to an increased number of unskilled personnel. NOW have proposed that women should not accept the offer on few women in high-rank positions, innovation of new institutions that allows women to enjoy true equality of opportunity and responsibility in the society, and the question of freedom of choice[2].

The question should women fight so hard for their rights, or should they just be contented with what they already have? Are men and women equal? Are we on the right track in fighting for these rights? Women are humans responsible for the upbringing of these responsible men who are taking their high-rank positions in all job opportunities. If this woman can handle the whole family and give some good results, why can’t she have responsibilities in those companies to improve the results? Women are on the right track and should keep up with the fight. When we involve all the parties, we get the best results which mean we need women on this seats given to the men too.

Women have been fighting for gender equality rights and opportunities and women’s personal freedom since the 60s. The fighting under a movement called women liberation movement that was based in the United States (Ryan, 2013). The focus was mainly on a woman’s right to vote and women’s experiences, in general, involving politics, sexuality, and their families and workplaces. Women have continued to fight for their space to the fourth wave of feminism.

Women are more than homemakers. Looking back, women have made some significant accomplishments throughout history. Women were consistently praised for their nice houses with perfect husbands and admirable children. These praises showed that people only knew women to be domestically capable[3]. Women had conditions that recognized them socially to their desperation for freedom. Women should be free to choose what they want to do with their lives. Entrusting the man all the responsibilities of a family is like like trying to kill a donkey slowly with double its work. A wise saying “a problem shared is a problem half solved” explains this situation; women should be allowed to work so they can ease the men’s burden of the whole family’s budget.

Looking at how women have single-handedly managed their homes and the resources available, we can see the potential. This should be a full reason for enhancing equality of opportunities and payment for both genders. Freedom and government empowerment through unions fought for equal pay and protecting women from discrimination by the employer[4]. The plea was rendered insufficient by June 1966. The government concluded that women need their national pressure group to help fight for equal places in the economic field. Like men, women are humans with brains grown to understand several aspects of life. Their given character on excellent home maintenance tells how responsible women can be, required in most jobs.

Women need a place to exercise their constitutional like any other person. Through the women’s movements, measures to ensure women’s equality were found by the government. NOW tried to write a bill of rights for women, a pressure group, which brought out several measures. These measures are; enforcing laws to ban discrimination in the employment sector, rights to maternity leaves, construction of childcare centers to give mothers a conducive environment to work, reducing deductions for childcare expenses—measures on equal education and opportunities on-job-training for both genders and also so the poor women.

Radical groups were formed by the NOW movement to step up for more themes of women’s liberation. Women movements demanded the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the United States constitution that ensured rights equality without sex considerations and required contraceptive access and the right to abort. NOW later called congress, in response to the interests of the women, that attracted more than 500 feminists to New York City in November 1969 (Ryan, 2013). It is more encouraging to see women’s fights for their rights-bearing fruits.

In conclusion, women hold a firm foundation for a country from their responsibility to their families. Giving them a chance to exercise their right is like solving some social-economic problems. Women are using a lot of energy to fight for their freedom. Solving their problems will help them use the same power to focus on other things that would help develop their economic state.


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