Ice Cream Trucks

Ice Cream Trucks

Ice cream is a mixture of water, fat, and protein from milk, ice, sugar, and air. It is healthy to eat ice cream because it has essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, which are vital in our bodies, through ice cream should be taken in limited amounts. An ice cream truck, also known as an ice cream van, is a commercial vehicle usually used to mobile ice cream during the summer or winter times. There are some places where ice cream trucks are banned; an example includes a parked or a car standing on a public street and anywhere with a speed limit of more than twenty-five miles per hour. An ice cream truck will often go to a public function example, at the beach, near a park, or in public gatherings. This text will talk about ice cream trucks in countries like Japan, India, Australia, the united states (north and south), Africa, and Egypt.

Ice Cream in Japan

Japan produced its first ice cream in the year eighteen sixty-nine in the city of Yokohama.  The famous ice cream flavor in japan is vanilla ice cream. Other flavors of ice cream found in japan are the golden ice cream famously known as Kinpaku, soy sauce ice cream, wasabi ice cream, hojicha ice cream, and lavender ice cream. They don’t have ice cream trucks in Japan; instead, they have ramen trucks (Hagen & Hayashi. 2001). The Japanese ramen trucks carry other delicacies; a good example is that they sell sweet potatoes during the winter season. Sweet potatoes selling trucks are made so that hot coals are put in the back winds, whereby steam generated from the hot coals is used in cooking and making the potatoes warm. Other trucks used in japan for mobile business are the donut trucks which sell hand make donuts. These donuts are said to have multiple benefits to human health. Grilled squid trucks are used in japan as mobile businesses; they are usually sold in food stands at most Japanese festivals. Grilled squid trucks are favorites at barbecues and are like snacks that are taken with alcohol.

Ice cream in India

Amul ice cream is India’s most liked ice cream; other ice cream brands include mother ice cream, vanilla ice cream, Baskin Robbin’s ice cream, cream bell ice cream, Hinshaw’s ice cream, among many other brands. The ice cream business does well in India during the warmer seasons and holidays when kids are out of school. Ice cream trucks are found in India, with the Ice Cream buggy being the first one ever to exist. Ice cream buggy has about twenty-two vehicles across the country of India. Selling ice trucks in India is higher when kids are on holiday and when the climate is warmer. Some entrepreneurs in India buy ice cream trucks to hire them when ice cream sales are at a peak; this makes selling ice creams trucks or vans one of the best businesses with the best profit margins.

To start an ice-cream business whereby you will be using an ice cream truck, you need to consider factors like the investment amount. The places you would be selling the ice cream and the area’s market availability, the flavors o which are liked most by different people, and finally, do good market research(Peterson, 2018). Starting an ice cream truck business is as follows first, assess the resources you need to create the ice truck business. The next step is deciding on the flavor of the ice cream you will be selling. The third step is you will be required to choose and purchase equipment that you need. Also, plan the route which you will move around selling the ice cream. Look for the necessary permits and insurance for your ice cream business. The last step is purchasing the right insurance for your business.

Ice Cream in Australia

In Australia, ice cream is called icy-pole. The famous and top-rated brand is golden north ice cream; other brands include ben and jerry ice cream, Baskin Robbin’s ice cream, Haagen-Dazs, bluebell creameries ice, dairy queen, waals, and Breyers ice cream. Alix Mandelson introduced ice cream in Australia in the early years of nineteen sixty’s. Australia has a solid record of ice cream vans. Most ice cream vans in Australia do not move around, but they are stationary. These stationary ice cream vans are mainly located outside parks, at functions or events, at the school fetes, and at affairs (Fahlevi et al., 2019).

In Australia, ice cream is sold in ice cream stores as take away, delivered to one’s place, or consumed instore. Also, some ice cream stores tend to sell other foodstuffs together with ice cream, so they sell ice cream together with readymade foods, beverages, and snacks. Suppose you want your ice cream business to increase profit. In that case, you may try and do the following things, creating a tasting bar at your ice cream store, making an ice cream challenge, advertising in the media section, or trying any other positive something out there to people. Ice Cream Truck in the US

Ice cream trucks play a significant role in matters concerning events, parties, or any other special. Though ice cream trucks always require a better place, the United States of America has all the characteristics to hold it. Wheels of ice scream trucks signify excellence in the vending process. Us has the most beautiful, bright, and decorated ice cream truck in the whole world. Moreover, the United States offers the service of ice cream to some of the counties such as Northern India. United state also tries to bring outdated-fashioned ice cream to modern way flair. Some of the parties and events in the United States include birthday parties, weddings, company picnics, and appreciation of employees where Ice scream trucks are offered Shimabukuro et al.,(2020).

The United States guarantees fun and extraordinary life through professional services and an ice cream premium in every special event. In the United States, ice cream trucks may impress family members such as children’s friends, guests, employees, customers, and parents. The United States always chooses to employ the best vehicle with the best carmakers such as Dodge, Ford, Mercedes. The United States partially customizes ice by offering safety and retail characteristics of developed ice cream. Ice cream Jingle plays a nostalgic song that an individual can keep in memory and remember it. In addition, ice cream entertains the member of the US as it contains one’s flavor as it contains shortcakes, sandwiches, chocolate, and bomb pops. Well, blue ice cream, popsicles, and gourmet have a variety of flavors aimed at satisfying every member of the United States.

Ice Cream Truck in Africa

In Africa, ice cream truck is not highly taken into account as most people have norms and believe that direct them. Ice cream is not considered because many people think that traditional food is sweet and the best. In addition, ice cream truck is not believed to have more strength than conventional food, thus being not persecuted by many. Usually, Africans are always entitled to promote their cultural food and not the modern ones. Nevertheless, ice cream trucks such as chocolate are typically taken by youth as entertainment and leisure Kwiatkowski et al., (2021). The flavor in the ice cream also contributes a lot in attracting more children to usage. Many corporations and firms sell their goods and services in Africa and offer ice cream as a gift. This leads to increased production as people tend to buy more commodities from the firms, thus leading to much output volume.

Ice Cream Truck in Egypt

The leading stable food for the among Egypt has varied in day-to-day activities due to technology. However, countries living in the northern part of Africa report a deficit in trade on agriculture production. This shows that such countries import more and export less.  Egyptian does not only produce crops such as cotton, vegetables, fruits, and rice, but it also considers the production of ice cream. Ice cream has led to advantages among the Egyptians and the nation as a whole. As a result of the exportation of ice cream, it has led to employment, development of infrastructure, and many other benefits.

In Egypt, ice cream is mainly appreciated and taken by youths as is a form of entertainment and leisure. Likewise, Egyptians take ice cream in other countries, mostly during birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings, promoting an employee from junior to senior, and many other events. Furthermore, ice cream in Egypt has covered many events such as festivals and attractions, and an example is the Festival of the lake. Moreover, the ice cream truck has offered some ice creams to nearby universities in Egypt to attract more customers.


Ice cream has contributed a lot to many nations as it seems to be one of the most exported people. Ice cream has created job opportunities for to jobless, and a large volume out of output is experienced among the corporation and nations in general. Though an ice cream truck is much expensive, the trunk must be insured to protect goods traveling. This has made ice to be reliably distributed and satisfied customers’ satisfaction. In addition, ice cream has beautified events and makes them successful as it attracts more people and adds flavor to a meal. Many people, such as youths, frequently use ice cream to keep busy and leisure. This has contributed a lot to day-to-day activities as it enables a child to engage in meaningful practices and reduce idleness that may lead to stress and relaxation. Moreover, as a result, the attraction of customers in many corporations and organizations leads to more profit in those organizations, and the government tends to increase revenue. Furthermore, it leads to the development of infrastructures such as roads, electricity.


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