Partea International Pte Ltd.

Partea International Pte Ltd.

Partea  International is a fruit and bubble tea brand in Singapore and was founded in 2017. The company emphasizes ok freshness,using only fresh premium fruits , freshly flown in for their drinks  which range from $5 and $ 9 for basic bubble tea and premium tea with fresh fruits respectively. The company started with four outlets in Singapore but due to the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic,they have scaled back to two outlets.

The key environmental drivers comprises immediate and micro environment. Immediate environment comprises of  ; the company is capable of producing fresh fruit trs and bubble tea that makes it outstanding from other companies in terms of taste and freshness and also ,it has two outlets in the city,the main competitions are Koi,Go Cha ,LiHo and also the emerging competitors include Tiger Sugar ,Chicha and the corporate partners include Huggs Coffee in Singapore and various universities.

Under the macro environment,the company’s bubble tea is affordable and easily accessible all over Singapore and tea is a prominent preference in the country. The target audience is generation Z but the company is able to attract a wider range of customers due to the healthy products.The customers are attracted through advertising on social media. The company uses high quality raw materials in processing of the tea and aslo offers delivery services to address inadequate time. Due to the economic situation ,the company has reduced its outlets to 2.


The company’s marketing strategy involved target consumer characteristic, Segmentation, Targeting and positioning. The Target consumer characteristic includesale and female , bubble tea lovers,fruit lovers and adventurous consumers. When it comes to Segmentation,Paters is geographically located as it has a central kitchen to cater for deliveries all over Singapore,the company has grouped its drinks,it has even grouped the consumers and also offered drinks at discount to students. The company .

Positioning involves perception that the company is a healthy premium brand due to its freshness,red heart on Partea’s cup is used as a symbol together with green or orange colors in most of their promotion material. The company has fresh and premium quality products and also faces competition from competitors.


Partea used 4Ps in marketing which include value based pricing, promotion using the AIDA model (raising awareness, creating interest  through advertising, stimulating desire through promotion and call to action),Place which involves multi channel marketing through direct and indirect channels ,Three levels of product which comprises of actual product, product breadth through offering variety of drinks and gift boxes and finally product depth through the Partea’s milk tea series and offering various services such as delivery .Partea’s Digital services are websites which provides basic information about the company,SEO which shows that the company has the right keyword, length and good internal links, it does not use email or mobile and it has TikTok Facebook and Instagram account as @partasg and LinkedIn as Partea International Pte Ltd.

Concerning the 4Es( Excite,Educate Experience and Engage), the company has not done much in excite, educate and  experience . However,it has positively engaged more consumers with the brand to the extent that they are able to sense change in fruit when the company changed its suppliers and aired their concerns about the fruits .The key marketing issues include  lack of ;marketing strategy, market research,strong branding and perceived value. The marketing opportunities available to the company include promoting more surveys so as to get a better understanding of consumer needs,increase its brand image to wider demographic, holding events so as to attract customers and working in hand with malls.Moreover,under the STP recommendations,the company can stick with the 2 stores to avoid extra costs, remove the non- performing drinks, analyse the current demographics of its.customers and tailor them to meet consumers needs. The product should be customized to attract more customers and also to increase competition.

The marketing mix 4P recommendations,the company should look into the price of the product and whether there is a possibility of lowering the price whole, increasing sales volume and without tampering with the quality or  look at the price of competitors and adjust the prices accordingly. The company can use promotional methods such as customizing the different packages,use of social media influencers or bloggers to post the product or even using their own brand ambassador.  It may also launch ready- made bubble tea that can be stored on bubbles or   partner with other places which use their brand personality like kids playgrounds as indirect channels. The company can keep on constantly innovating and developing new products, it can also co-brand with Stock to produce their own brand of collapsible cups,provide variety of customisation for consumers so as to promote the product.

Some recommendations about digital marketing for the company include better social media feed so as to have a uniform feed,be more active on Facebook, Tick Tok and Instagram, keeping up with current trends such as Squid Game, empowering the consumers or even  use Twitter to reach out to the younger audience. The company can also make educational videos on bubble tea videos, do a love video or do giveaways so as to increase exposure of the business.

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