Quantitative research

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Quantitative research

Regarding the research question, which aims at determining the percentage of healthcare workers who are likely to be vaccinated against covid-19, this research paper qualifies to be used in quantitative analysis.

It should be noted that quantitative research deals typically with logistics, numerical and objective standpoints. It focuses on numbers and information that remains unchanged and deeply detailed with convergent reasoning and not divergent reasoning. by this, it means that there is the generation of different ideas in accordance to the research problem in an impulsive, free-flowing means. The information or data collected in quantitative research is generally comprehended across groups of individuals.

Several characteristics conquer the fact that the research paper is quantitative, starting from having measurable variables. In this case, the variable in question is the number of healthcare workers likely to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Also, there will be standardized instruments during the research and the assumption of the distribution of the ordinary populace. The data obtained from the study will be presented using figures, graphs, or tables and a repeatable method in data collection and analysis. Outcomes for the research can also be easily predicted based on the previous study, for example, using data collected in 2020 whereby 63 percent of healthcare workers wanted to be vaccinated against the virus (Huang, 2020). The previous results from the data collected make it possible to understand what is expected in the current development. Lastly, while carrying out data analysis involving numeric, measuring devices must be considered. Overall the collected data need to be subjected and quantified to statistical treatments with the intent of supporting or refuting the claims (Goertzen, 2017). Furthermore, math models are customarily used when analyzing the data.


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Huang, P. (2020, December 1). Some health care workers are wary of getting COVID-19

vaccines. NPR. Retrieved September 29, 2021, from https://www.npr.org/sections/health-




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