Private Security Contracting

Private contracting for the military plays a critical role in complementing public police efforts to enhance peace and order in society. They provide security services such as domestic and fraud surveillance, criminal and civil investigations, undercover investigations, and asset tracking activities. The rising number of private security firms has decreased security threats in many countries such as the US. It is necessary to monitor and control private security services providers through various ways to realize their potential benefits.

To control and monitor private security companies, governments should formulate and implement strict regulations. The companies should comply with the licensing procedures before commencing their operations. The regulation and licensing will keep the security entities in check, thus meeting the required standards. Proper regulations will guide the qualifications of key personnel to the companies and the critical values that every institution should uphold.

The security players can address coordination and cooperation by sharing information, resources, and best practices. Coordination, command, and cooperation of the private security companies and public police can help during emergencies such as the September 11 attacks. Sharing information such as criminal records can also ensure that the companies provide security services professionally (Billing, 2021). By undertaking the above-discussed activities can help to address security threats resulting from diplomatic problems. For instance, the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan does not pose a lot of security threats because private security companies are preparing to address the need.

It is essential to monitor and control private security services providers through various ways to realize the potential benefits. Governments can control and monitor private security organizations through the formulation and enforcement of regulations. The personal and public police agencies can partner to enhance coordination and cooperation. Both the private and public security players should embrace the above-discussed methods to promote efficiency.



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