The Role of Teamwork

The role of teamwork skills is to ensure a successful job in different fields, whether in an institution industry or job title. Operating effectively with clients, colleagues, managers, or any other people assists in building an efficient and interactive atmosphere both for yourself and others. A firm that highlights noble teamwork skills is a healthy, high-effective workplace. It can also help build rapport that aids in enhancing working relationships, fresh opportunities, and networking.

Teamwork skills are gained from the qualities and abilities that allow a person to operate during discussions, meetings, or other associations. The aptitude to converse well, actively listen, and be accountable depends on having teamwork skills.

During our group meetings, I have observed significant positive elements such as transparent and efficient communication, responsibility to ensure the task is cleared on time, honesty, and empathy amongst the group members.

In our group meetings, we discussed group activities, both individual and group goals that are clear, specific, and measurable and could be achieved by any individuals on the team. The meeting also provided a better ground to understand each other’s interpersonal skills. We used observations and feedback from each other to form attainable, relevant, and time-controlled goals. We also outlined each member’s roles and responsibilities, rules, expectations of the group and coordinated and collaborated methods to accomplish the task. Team goals are.

Critically analyzing the meeting, the following took place, there was effective communication amongst team members, and members were reliable. There was an excellent approach to conflict handling. We also came up Strong and effective leader that shall make sure there is a constructive working relationship. There was as well respect among members during the meeting. We get that communication helps make sense, share sense, and create meaning in that meaning is created in the hearts and minds of both the message source and its receiver. The team members required frequent training and education to know what was good and the specific time to do it. Without adequate training in teamwork skills and job skills, the team will likely fail to achieve its mission and vision.

On evaluating what happened, the team performed well on timekeeping, being honest to one another, and actively participating in the discussion. The team could have done the following to better the performance; paid attention during teamwork communications throughout the meeting that could have helped in mindful steps to practice the specific qualities we were building. We could have also relied on honest feedback from the group members. Getting a trusted person, colleague or mentor helps in improving team strengths and even improves them. Setting personal goals among the members could have assisted in making sure that all members participated in the group actively.

In conclusion, after learning several themes in the chapters, our group is now on the right track as we have known the essence of communication collaboratively, understanding the communication theory, and meeting for a standard course. Several groups fail to continue being together since they never recognize their joint determination. Even though participants in minor groups may have somewhat different goals for their membership, a mutual course strengthens the group together. The group has optimistic hope for the future as we have laid down the group practices framework and active involvement of all the members in its purpose.


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