What Is Resistance To Change

Resistance to change is a regular occurrence in the workplace. It may be due to wrong and poor leadership quality skills being applied by management or even internal conflicts between the staff members or management. Resistance to change is detrimental to the general functioning of the organization. Resistance to change is widely recognized as the main reason for failure in change initiatives (Amarantou et al., 2018).

Resistance To Change And The Organisational Climate

Evident ironically is the fact that resistance to change causes some change in itself. Often than not, the difference resulting in resistance occurs and causes some negative implications eventually to the organization’s structure and functioning. Organizational change occurs when the organization considers implementing a shift from the present known states to new and perhaps unknown forms (Pauline, 2015).

Tactics To Reduce Negative Connotations Dealing With Change

It is empirical to carry out tactics to reduce negative connotations when dealing with the resistance to change in organizations (Rožmanet al.,2021, p. 775-806). It is, however, not the case for most employees as they seem to resist the change presented. It is common to see that many organizations ignore organizational climate. Therefore, employees’ work engagement and effectiveness might be shallow.

One of the primary reasons leading to such resistance is lousy management practices that occur in the workplace. There are, however, a few practices that can be utilized to mitigate the resistance that presents itself. Some of the few strategies employed include effectively engaging the employees in the organization dialogues. Another effective solution would be to implement change in stages rather than introduce the whole of it at once.




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