pre-evolutionary worldview

Article Reflection

The article written by Bowler on pre-evolutionary worldview was exciting and informative to me. I accept a literal interpretation of the Genesis creation story advocated by the pre-evolutionary worldview of modern creationists. This analysis explains that the earth got created a thousand years ago. Generally, I agree with numerous of the ideas presented by Bowler concerning evolution.

First, I assume God miraculously created plant and animal species. However, Noah’s flood deposited every fossil-bearing rock. Although many people believe that the European cultural tradition has its foundation in creation, some never agree on this question. Thus, this article attempts to show that the new science by Newton and Galileo can get harmonized with the Bible’s present understanding. I support other conceptual revolutions described by this article. These developments dismantle the earliest efforts to demonstrate that nature’s study endorsed a simple divine creation model. The improvements in natural sciences fitted into a broader intellectual revolution, establishing the bases of current thought.

I learned that the earliest models assumed that the creation of Adam coincided with the world’s formation. This assumption never materialized due to the development of a new worldview. In this case, the notion was threatened by cosmologists’ anxiety to extend the present worldview in better ways that describe the earth in natural processes working in the universe. I agree that some of the earliest theories were deliberately formulated in methods that permitted people to draw parallels between stages in the formulation’s natural process and happenings documented in Genesis.

In conclusion, the new science explains the earth and structure of living things in mechanical terms. The dependence on the observation of nature publicized realities that looked difficult to reconcile with the biblical creation story. I enjoyed reading this article. It helped me to critically reflect upon the ideas of creation and evolution.

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