Twitter Hacking

Twitter is one of the businesses that has suffered from hacking in the recent past.  The attack was executed by a teenager Graham Clark and two other individuals. Alterkavi and Erbay (2021) postulate that the attackers used a spear-phishing approach in which they acted as employees and members of the security team at Twitter.  Spear phishing is a technique that involves the use of text messages and emails directed to specific people in an attempt to entice them to open a malicious link or an attachment.  The hackers gained access to several accounts of celebrities in the United States of America. They designed a scam with which they managed to get a lot of money from a cryptocurrency scam.

The hackers gained network credentials through social engineering techniques to gain access to information about the internal systems. The attackers also targeted the company employees with access tools to assist them in taking control of verified accounts.  The hackers were successful in executing the attack as they could access the entity’s internal systems and employee’s credentials (Bowen, 2021).  The attackers used the staff credentials to learn how the business processes are executed to access the system quickly.  The attackers then used the stolen credentials to target more than 130 celebrities, including the current president Joe Biden accounts.  The hacker was able to gain private information from the reports they were successful in hacking.  Besides, the individuals used the opportunity to make money as they could spread their bitcoin scam to a large number of people.


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Bowen, B. (2021). “It Doesn’t Matter Now Who’s Right and Who’s Not:” A Model To Evaluate and Detect Bot Behavior on Twitter (Doctoral dissertation, Wittenberg University).

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