Slow Fashion Industry

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Slow Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is considered to be dirty as it contaminates the water supply, fosters excessive consumption and manipulates the women and kids engaged in the manufacturing plants. It necessitates an unrelenting allocation of limited resources and generates enormous quantities of waste. However, fashion is likewise considered a mode of inventive expressions. In the article, “How Slow Fashion Can Save the Environment,” slow fashion may be used to express an individual’s standpoint while at the same time promoting justifiable practices that maintain the earth’s healthiness. Slow fashion is one method the universe is adjusting to alleviate climate changes.

On average, American citizens purchase a new outfit after every five days. Prices are affordable, that clothes are now viewed as basically throwaway (Brown, 2020). The surge of fast fashion has generated large-scale ecological and societal side-effects. Slow fashion fosters justifiable practices, along with principled working environments. The contrast of fast fashion mainly emphasizes on value and durability while at the same time standing up for nature and individuals. An increasing number of corporations back slow fashion. Compelling brands to be responsible for their deeds is an enormous step towards creating a clean environment and changing the fashion industry.


Clients regularly feel incapable of instigating change within the fashion industry. Therefore, developing a more viable fashion industry necessitates a multi-faceted outlook.  There should be additional regulation, answerability, and transparency within the fashion sector.  It is still a very mysterious sector as most are known to hide the areas of manufacture. Failure to be liable on the part of the brand means that it would be easy for fashion companies to fail to take an interest in the entire lifecycle of their garment manufacture. When you select brands dedicated to slow fashion and opt to stay away from fashion brands that propagate fast fashion, you take a firm stance and ignite change.


Brown, W. (2020, December 14). How Slow Fashion Can Save the Environment. Passion Passport.





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