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Apple Company

The electronic data gathering, analysis, and retrieval system benefit investors, companies, and the government by increasing the efficiency, transparency, and fairness of conducting security market business. Information stored in EDGAR is accessible by all members of society. The system contains information on the financial information of public companies and the approach they use to carry out their operations. (Brook, Cheng, Liu, and Yu (2021) postulate that Apple Company is one of the companies listed in the EDGAR analysis. EDGAR analysis item 9A talks about controls and procedures that organizations use in their operations.  The section talks about the complex and changing laws and regulations that the entity is subjected to run its operations across the globe.

The company is subjected to new data security policies, consumer protection rules, advertising and sales approaches, and import and export rules.  The organization may find it challenging to comply with the new regulations introduced to control global operations. They are expensive to implement as they are likely to increase the cost of managing the entity (Brown, 2017).  The company might face challenges in operating worldwide as it is still required to continue with local business, which faces many uncertainties and risks.  Apple has performed well in its operations as the organization has designed fundamentally secure devices, which has assisted the company in expanding its customer base and increasing its sales volume.  The firm also plans devices that are compatible with the existing infrastructure.



Brooks, L. L. Z., Cheng, Y., Liu, L., & Yu, M. D. (2021). The timeliness of 10‐K filings, early filers, and effects of filing deadline changes. Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance32(2), 169-186.

Brown, J. R. (2017). Sarbanes Oxley at 15: The Success of quack corporate governance. U Denver Legal Studies Research Paper, (17-19).


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