Science and Faith

Responding to Julia on the arguments of Murray regarding science and faith, I agree with her that Murray clearly explains and points out reasons why science and religion are harmonious (Murray, Abdu. 2018).  It is correct; science and faith should not contradict each other as both works together and agree that there is a creator of the universe. Scientists should not view the design from the biochemical perspective as it is a creation rather than a structure.  The myths and misconceptions present in science also apply in faith.

It is true that as much as people talk about faith, they don’t understand it. However, if one digs deep about faith, you see that both science and faith are similar and discussions about the same thing. Some scientists also say that science and faith are best friends in that all they say is similar and equally the same. Before people can start condemning these two ideas, it is good to study the relationship between science and faith to understand more. Murray clearly explains why he believes that faith and science talk about the same thing and why none should contradict the other.

Some people choose to believe that the world and everything in it evolved from something else, while some Christians believe that there is a creator of the universe. On the other hand, Murray explains why faith and science should not be against each other since they talk about the same things.

Responding to Christina

I also agree with Christina that Murray has clearly explained his views on why science and faith correlates. Some people are ignorant of religion and ignore the developments and growth because it comes from science.  Also, science believers think that there is no involvement of faith, which they are wrong. From Murray’s book, we see clear explanations that suggest that science and faith work together and that we should not see science as some form of religion. Thinking of science as a religion replaces faith rather than being equipment through which it can be used in faith.

I agree with Christina that Murray explains why science confirms and provide evidence that faith and Christianity are present. Faith is indeed applicable t science because it is real because even in science-faith remains. I also conquer that Murray has solid points that explain science and faith. Through the findings in the scripture, Murray explains his example of the scientists who discovered the source of the universe. It is good to make research and studies be able to demonstrate that science does not contradict faith but instead confirm it. With these studies, it is easier to connect science and faith, scientists and believers.

Human beings have different sentiments about different things, and faith is intense energy in human lives. So we see Murray explaining why science is important and how we can say that the evolution of science is among God’s strategies as is noted in the bible that God has some things hidden so that human beings can take a step of discovering them.

Work Cited

Murray, Abdu. Saving Truth: Finding meaning and clarity in a post-truth world. Zonderv

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