Descriptive Essay: American got Talent


As the lights hit my face and I breathe in the fresh air, I am unaware that I am an American got talent. But the moment I open my eyes, I am reminded of all the things. Starting from the performers in costumes to the different items, including guitars arranged all over the Stage. All the sounds of the guitars and the decorations of the Stage together with participants sound more interesting.

First, the bigger Stage entrance with roses all over made my nose bombard. All the practice of the songs presented by each team had their voices in a chorus of sound rising to an ululating crowd. I find my way through the crowd of people, moving to the right and left until I finally get where is my seat is located (ACEDO, 2020). On seating, I hear the announcer’s voice, “Attention to everyone, in honour of our country, let us arise for the national anthem.” His deep voice echoes and is heard repeatedly. The crowd stands up and uniformly sings the National anthem. This makes me feel the National pride through the anthem. I take my seat as the festival begins with magical acts.

When the lineup now reaches the animal’s tricks, I decided to find something to eat. The familiar tastes, including hot dogs and soda pop, could not miss in such an event. The smell of the hotdog carried through the whole crowd to the field. So I order them with soda pop (ACEDO, 2020). As I find my way back to the seat, an excited fan sees me standing to better bump into my soda pop, and it’s halfway spilt on my white leather shoes. She has a glance at them and says how sorry she is. I nod my head and continue walking to my seat.

When I finally get to my seat, I realize that it is the start of acrobatics. The acrobatics begin, and everyone is excited and begins to shout, “Golden buzzer, golden buzzer.”  I watch all the participants taking the Stage. It is beautiful to see such a big team of acrobats from Canada and Japan. I cannot hold back but feel the National pride. This reminds me of how Americans, through the National got talents, still come together in unity.


ACEDO, N. F. (2020). Sensory Details for Descriptive Writing. International Journal of English Language Studies2(4), 13-22.






















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