Prodigy Game

The prodigy game improved my student’s STAAR exam scores by 13 points. This is full proof that this game-based learning program enhances the learning activity by making it fun and engaging. The app allowed me to generate real-time reports on how my students were progressing. It also provided insights into student’s weaknesses and strengths. This math app also entertained my students while expounding on different math lessons. This virtual learning environment allows my students to engage in at-home math exercises. This advances my students’ motivation and visualization ability. As they answer questions, they earn game rewards. One of my students, known as Elijah, had difficulty handling multiplication. However, I recommended the Prodigy game to the student to spark his interest and boost his performance. The student was already engaged in tuition classes due to his poor performance. As I assigned different multiplication exercises, I advised him to use the app. This realistic approach, coupled with enhanced activity, improved his STAAR exam scores by 13 points.  After three days, Elijah said he needed the paid version. His parent bought the paid version, and Elijah gained full access.

This allowed him to level up his multiplication and division skills. This is because he was able to play longer and make fast progress. As he earned game rewards, his motivation and performance improved. I usually assign specific topics for Elijah to work on. The app facilitates this assignment process through a unique Planner tool. This reinforces the topic, and Elijah is able to re-work on previous topics where he encountered difficulty. The app also allowed me to add and choose topics from different curriculum and specter. This fantasy-based game has improved Elijah’s scores in three mathematics topics: multiplication, division, and subtraction.



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