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Geazul Olivares. (2020). a taste of the Latin cultures.

What is price fixing? (n.d.). Retrieved from

The article describes price-fixing, examples, and why it is illegal. The author describes price-fixing as an agreement between two companies on selling products at a specific set price. It elaborates how the companies maintain the profit margins and how the price-fixing leads to monopoly. Price fixing eliminates competitors by ensuring they do not offer similar products at lower prices (Geuzul 2020). The article has four prices: Agreement to raise prices, horizontal price-fixing, vertical price-fixing. The article describes various examples of companies that have practiced price-fixing and how this influences their performances. Finally, the author explained why price fixing is illegal. He notes that price-fixing is illegal as it leads to unfair competition and high prices on consumers in the market.


Identifying Sherman Act violations. (2020, February 20). Retrieved from

When there is an increase in demand, the equilibrium of price and quantity also increases.  The high demand causes the producers to raise the prices. The high prices also result from firm’s efforts to become monopolies. Monopolies raise profits without considering the reaction from their competitors. They control the market and the number of products available to the customers. Such practices of price-fixing and customer allocation between the businesses complicate the efforts to determine when firms violate the Sherman Act.













Second discussion

I agree with this statement because Hyde could not have existed if Jekyll was not possessed and created him. They both had hidden desires and ambitions. Every person has this physical form inside them in one way or another. Hyde held the truth about Jekyll. Without Hyde, it was not possible o understand what type of a person Jekyll was. Jekyll and Hyde had dual personal that was first made of Jekyll before the separation occurred.

It is due to curiosity that people explore strange things.  The curiosity made Jekyll and Hyde died in the end. Jekyll felt he needed to separate from Hyde to fulfill his hidden desires, which he could not speak of. He wised to know how t]it would feel if he reached his deepest desires without worrying. Unfortunately, this did not go well. The exploration went far than expected to the point of destroying what had naturally been made. As a result, death occurred.  The splitting allowed the demon inside him to take control, and this overtook his human side.


Kathyproctor [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. (n.d.). Retrieved from








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