One-Week Night Market Stakeholders


One-Week Night Market will allow the resident to do their shopping needs within the residential areas. Besides, it will create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that will enable customers to enjoy the diverse environment. Various project stakeholders will be involved in the project.

One of the stakeholders of the project will be the local vendors and the suppliers. The local vendors will sell foods and non-food items, the vendors who will participate in the project will be given stalls to sell their items. We have set a low bar entry for the local vendors to afford. Additionally, there is no restriction on the types of goods the vendors showcase.  The diversity of the local people will play a significant role in the project’s success as t it will provide space to promote the culture of the community (Ishak 2012). The project’s success will largely depend on what h vendors and suppliers will bring in the night market to sell.

The customers are also key stakeholders in the project. It is the customers that will make the purchases of the items displayed by the vendors. The customers will help the project team raise the necessary funds to support the growth of the local community. Also, the customers will adhere to their ideas and opinions on the setting of the night market (Ishak 2012). This will help to evaluate how successful the planning of the project was.

            The local is another stakeholder who will participate in the project to ensure that all the traders adhere to the set laws and regulations. They will also be involved in collecting the permitted entry fee from the traders who will be getting their permit fee at the entrance. For the traders who will apply their permit fee online, the local authority will verify them to ensure that the process is smooth and procedural. The entry fee collected by the local council will also be used to support the community. In addition, the local council will hold sessions with the local traders before the launching of the project to educate them on food safety measures. They will be guided on maintaining cleanliness as they sell their foods and how to dispose of their solid waste. The authorities will ensure that the business practices carried out in the night market that week does not pollute the environment (Nor Khomar 2011). The business trade vendors and suppliers that will be involved will maintain ethical activities in the night market.

The night market visitors will also be stakeholders in the project.  Visitors enjoy ding to foreign places because they find unique things there. Tin this project the visitor is of good importance as they will do the shopping and learn about the local community’s culture in this area. Also, they will be able to find foreign foods in the night markers. As the visitors shop for any new items they may discover in the market, the project’s goal, which is to support the local traders, will be achieved.


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Nor Khomar, I., Khursiah, A. A., & Amri, A. (2011). The dynamism of a night market. Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics4.


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