Network Infrastructure Plan


Communication is critical in any corporation and may only be extra challenging as personnel increases. The network infrastructure in an enterprise may significantly impact the quality of information transmitted, therefore affecting the quality of the daily operations. The topology of devices backs the application services incorporated amongst users and offers a well-managed communication channel too. Health Systems Hospital is seeking to expand their services to a secondary branch site to offer more patients care and provide additional incentives that may not be provided at the main branch.

WAN Technology

A WAN is a wide area network covering a large topographical region and connects multiple LANs. Various WANs are mainly incorporated based on traffic load, financial plan, topographical region, and accessible technology. The medical facility would have a device known as data terminal equipment (DTE) that links to the service provider gadget identified as a data circuit terminating requirement (DCE). The WAN technology utilized would include the synchronous optical network (SONET) that uses fiber optic. The SONET bandwidth is allocated by the optical carrier level or OC. Therefore, based on the requirements, a commended OC level of 3 is viable. OC-3 offers a data throughput of approximately 155Mbps (West, Dean & Andrews, 2015). SONET is employed in a dual-ring conformation for redundancy. A working ring that manages fundamental data broadcasts and a defense ring if failures occur. Despite the cost for SONET being high, the bandwidth and dependability are high. The factors are imperative for a maternity branch that would share video and imaging information.

Router and Switch Locations

Routers are characteristically situated adjacently to the transition or conversion point of the network. For instance, a router utilized in connecting a private network to the public Internet is mainly situated close to the demarcation point of the telephone corporation in the building. On the other hand, switches are typically stationed close to the endpoints with a backbone link between switches and primary network sources. The devices would be physically situated in the information center and within the suitable distribution amenities in the new maternity wing. The maternity building would have a crucial distribution facility situated in the underground room. The room would have a rack with network routers and ethernet switches. Every floor would also have an intermediate distribution frame that contains an ethernet switch.

Routing Protocols

Every routing protocol is allocated an administrative space, and the shorter the distance, the greater the precedence. The commended routing protocol for the implementation of an infrastructural plan entails the open shortest path first. According to Hummel (2010), the routing protocol is a link-state routing protocol. The fundamental benefit involves functioning by determining the viable path to the endpoint for the data broadcast. Based on internal routing, the facility’s LAN would utilize an OSPF on internal routers to direct network traffic to various sources all over the maternity wing. Based on exterior routing requests, the resources found outside the facility’s network would be routed to the internet service provider, necessitating the use of Border Gateway protocol. The border gateway protocol functions over autonomous structures to establish the pre-eminent path for routing information over prolonged distances.

Reasons for Recommendations

The commendations made for the execution are principally founded on three aspects. Foremost, the wiring and equipment are typically used and are essentially easier to facilitate maintenance. The integrated switching and routing technology is likewise standard, with support resources readily accessible. These technologies provide expandability options as the network grows. The Ethernet switches may be protracted by including optional interfaces and connecting or daisy-chaining surplus units. Second, founded on the necessities for the maternity building, the commendations offer an equilibrium between operations and costs. Since the equipment commended is standard, the cost is not considered high, and with sustained network advancements, switch technology operation will not be adversely impacted. The projected bandwidth needs for sharing videos and images are hypothetically high and consequently command deliberation for high-speed, high- dependability WAN technologies.


Every component involved in developing the facilitating the development of the facility’s infrastructure aid in creating an operational networking framework that backs effective communication and easier accessibility to patient charts. The device locations are significantly important. There ought to be switches on every floor that links the gadgets. The network should make use of the OSPF routing protocol. Since the OSPF backs enormous networks and maintains bandwidth to a minimum, making it viable for the hospital’s operations.


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