Mobile phone a wonderful technology or a disaster

Mobile is an electronic device for telecommunication invented for easing the communication between people. It is a device used for communication in the old-time as it is the fastest and easiest mode of communication. In older times, it is mainly used for the purpose of voice calls, but with the advancement, in the field of technology and communication, the service of video calling is now also provided by mobile phones. The first phone was invented by Motorola Company in the year 1973. Later with the advancement in the field of technology, it evolved in various shapes and technology and is still evolving to date. Now the mobile phone has become slimmer, smaller, and more functional. Mobile phones have several technical and advanced features, which include video games, internet browsing, voice commination, video chatting, multimedia messaging, text messaging, wireless communication such as infrared and Bluetooth, location finder, music player, considerable abilities of computing, and the list goes on.  Mobile phones have greatly facilitated instant and fast connectivity for the progress of mankind. Recently a survey was conducted which showed that all around the world there are 5 billion users of mobile phone. Today, a child who barely knows how to speak well knows how to use mobile and it a mobile phone is. Indisputably, the mobile phone is a wonderful technology, which has brought many positive significant changes in our life which one cannot deny. The mobile phone has brought significant changes in life, and in the way, we can perform our daily tasks. Many of the changes brought by mobile phones are apparent while we are not even aware of the other changes. The mobile phone has brought an entirely new meaning to multitasking. Now we can perform various tasks at a single time; for instance, we can attempt an online conference and do online shopping and many others. The changes which the mobile phone has brought in the life includes both positive changes and negative changes as everything has both positive and negative impacts and due to these positive and negative changes, mobile phones are either considered as a wonderful technology or a disaster.

Before the advent of mobile phones, individuals used to hang around the wall of their houses for using the voice calling service. Mobile phones have improved this norm and have increased the feasibility of people as they are portable and easy to carry everywhere. Considering the positive changes, which the mobile phone has brought in the life, includes many changes. As through mobile phone, we can easily stay within touch with our loved ones regardless of the distance through the fast communication features of the mobile phone as we are only one voice and video call away from our loved ones  (AlTameemy, 2017).  While in the past times, people were separated from their loved ones for many years and it took several years for delivering a single letter to their loved ones. While today, we are only one click away from seeing the face of our significant people as parents and friends. Adding to this further, mobile phone has given birth to the text messages which are more convenient as compared to the phone calls as text messages can be answered at the convenience of the receivers without even disturbing them. Moreover, through mobile phones, individuals can easily lessen boredom by listening to their favorite songs and watching favorite movies. Through the advanced features of mobile phones, it is more accessible for us to schedule and plans our daily routine, which had led us to become punctual and organized in our daily activities  (Shuib, 2015).

Mobile phones have also made our everyday chores easier as now we can easily pay the utility bills and all the other bills through mobile apps, which is a lot easier than waiting in the long queues for paying the utility bills. The mobile phone has also provided easy and reliable access to information and other technologies. As numerous online platforms provide a huge number of books for reading and we can also download them free. Through mobile, we can use various educational apps that are mainly designed to promote students’ academic activities by helping them make presentations, take notes, and keep track of all the exam and assignment deadlines  (Goswami, 2016). Along with this, there are countless YouTube and educational videos available to clear the student’s concepts and making their grades better. Nowadays, many students use mobile phones in classes and students easily get information at a faster rate through mobile phones. The mobile phone has emerged as a powerful learning tool that is enhancing the learning capabilities of the students through visual learning.  We can now also take good care of our physical and mental health by using apps available on mobile phones, which provide information about maintaining psychological and physical health.

The mobile phones have changed our life for better in various ways, but it has brought some negative impacts as well due to which it is considered as a disaster. The mobile phone has made it harder to focus on one task without being distracted by the other task but on the brighter side, it has also made individuals multi-tasker as they can perform many tasks together  (Wilhelm, 2015). As everything is easily accessible through mobile phones, including information, online billing, and mobile banking, all of these have made humans lazy, which had decreased their physical activities as they can easily do all of the work by sitting at home. As now every information and solution of assignment is just one click away, due to which the book reading habit of student had decreased to a considerable extent which has also limited their knowledge. Even though the mobile phone has opened new doors for communication in numerous ways, including social media messaging, text messages, voice calls, video calls, exchanging photos, etc. but it had a negative impact on the live interactions between individuals as in daily lives people are always on their phone which distracts from enjoying the present moments s (Taylor, 2016). Along with this, mobile phones are seen as an insight into social status, for instance, people from wealthy backgrounds have expensive phones. In contrast, the people from the middle or poor ground have mobile phones which they can afford, which results in the individuals becoming the victim of complexion. Due to over usage of mobile phones, individuals also suffer from social anxiety and social stress, which have deteriorating effects on people’s health. Other social issues caused by mobile phones are the dependence on mobile phones for every single work, either it is paying bills, shopping, making assignments, doing conferences and meeting, people have got involved in the mobile phone a lot that impair many of their everyday lives life activities. Many people have become addicted to mobile phones, and they cannot even function without the mobile phone. The mobile phone has also caused serious ethical issues; the most significant ethical issues are using mobile phones while driving, resulting in accidents and serious injuries that are life-threatening. Other ethical problems caused by mobile phones include that students are cheating in the educational institution while doing exams through mobile phones. Another moral issue caused by mobile phones is cyberbullying and other cybercrimes. Invading others’ privacy through hacking and reading messages of other people is one of the ethical problems caused by mobile phones. Other unruly people having the intention of blackmailing for having ransom and taking revenge from the people have acceded to the private content of an individual. Along with this, unethical content is available on different websites and apps, which is easily accessible by children, which negatively impacted their life.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, mobile phones have brought an entirely new age of advancement and technology, making our life more accessible and convenient in terms of communication and knowledge. Overall, although the emergence of the mobile phone has several negative sides as well we cannot disagree that the advantages of mobile phones easily combat its negative impact, which exists. In the end, all these positive and negative impacts depending on the usage of the mobile phone. If it is used positively, it will have a positive effect on our life. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on our life. When responsible usage of the mobile phone becomes the topmost priority of the people, then the advantages of the mobile phone easily overshadow its negative impact on the society. The mobile phones can be problematic if it is used in excess. Mobile phones in the right hands is the most welcoming and useful feature for communication. If one uses mobile phones respectfully and responsibly, then mobile phones are among the most useful tools in modern life and no doubt, mobile phone is a wonderful technology which has brought many positive changes and advantages in the life of individuals.



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