mathematical applications

The increased use of mathematical applications and their effectiveness in the classroom have encouraged mathematics teachers to be conversant with technology (Cloete, 2017, pg. 4). Technology in education leads to increased tech disparity and a better understanding of mathematical concepts in junior classes. Tech disparity refers to the number of students that have access to virtual devices.  I have always encouraged my students to use Khan Academy kids.

Software developers have developed this app from Stanford University. It has also applied an easy-to-use interface for kids as it allows the learners to compare knowledge from many books and authors that cover numerous common Core standards, songs that interest kids, and various games. Students from my classroom were able to learn multiple mathematical computations, such as the essence of learning computational actions of subtraction and addition. Using the Khan Academy app, learners were able to develop a mathematical foundation that applies in elementary class and create a basis that warrants the vital skills applicable in a future lifetime. The app encompasses Flexible approaches that learners were able to comprehend and provide positive feedback for their assignments.


Cloete, Anita L (2017). “Technology and education: Challenges and opportunities.” HTS Theological Studies 73(4). 1-7.


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