What core values are common for most people? Why?

Personal core values are essential things, and that define people. It is the behaviors and characteristics that motivate a person. There are several values that different people value; what one person values might not be what the other one value.

One of the most common value is honesty, and most people believe that it is essential, to be honest, and always to say they think. It is necessary for one to speak out their mind and always tell the truth no matter what. Another example of value is kindness, and some people always help others if they get a chance to. They find happiness in giving, while others don’t think kindness is at all important.

Another set of important values is sincerity, which most people value. A sincere person is more likely to get along with people than an insincere one. Courage is another common value that is important to most people. With courage, one is able to face their fears and do what might seem impossible to others. Integrity is another value that is mostly needed in the workplace, and also while living with others, it is considered very important.

Values do matter a lot because a person is likely to feel better if they lived according to their values. For example, if one person values adventure, they would probably choose a career that involves a lot of traveling, and no one would stop them from traveling, not even their partners. By doing what you love and living by your values, it gives you pleasure and fulfillment.

Each o is different, and whatever makes one person happy might not create another one happy. Define one’s personal values, and living by them can help one live a more fulfilled life. This will also help a person make their own choices without being pressured or coerced to do what they don’t feel like doing. Setting and living by one’s values lead to a happy life even when the values don’t make any sense to other happy.


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