Qualitative research


Qualitative research is the type of research where a researcher collects and analyzes non-numerical data, e.g., audio, video, or text. Through this, one can observe their surroundings and collect data, which he later records what he has observed. The various observational methods include;

  1. Controlled Observation; this is the type of Observation where a researcher organizes the group of interest to observe their behavior. After observing, the researcher goes and groups each of the groups with their different behaviors. Through this, the observer might do not interact with the groups. For instance, our institution supervisor took us to the lab to perform some tests that were later grouped us according to the results.
  2. Naturalistic Observation; this is where the researcher records the behavior of the things around. For instance, we researched how skin diseases affect different people, and we had to record each of the patient reactions to come up with a complete analysis.
  • Participant Observation; This is where the researcher opts to join the group and act as a participant’s colleague. In this case, the researcher is known that he is collecting data. In other instances, the researcher involves himself in the group, but the participants don’t know because he acts as a spy. For instance, the senior nurse had joined us in our research on different diseases and their symptoms in our neighborhood, and he used to interact himself in the group activities(Sauro, 2015)


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