Personal Ethics


Personal ethics is a code that guides a person in their personal life. They help to develop your core values and your work ethics. Personal ethics are likely to contain some standard ethical guidelines shared by other people but also vary in levels of importance and how they will maintain them. Therefore some of my everyday personal ethics include honesty, loyalty, equality and fairness, self-respect, empathy, and respect.

My ethic whereby I am loyal and love to fair to everyone as the engineer working with the GFC team, I will reach out to the chief legal counsel and try to emphasize the effects it will cause on people’s lives and the economy. Then, tell them that before we can implement the project, we should first find ways to impact society and its economy positively. The reason for doing so is to ensure that the project is not implemented without finding a solution because it may also affect us with whom we are building it.

Fairness and equality will make me think of how it will affect society and the number of deaths it will cause to innocent people they won’t even afford it. Loyalty since I am both loyal to my company, I will ensure I reach out to my team and convinces them of finding a solution first before implementing the project. I will respect my boss and company by not rushing to share the information outside but reach out to them and try to see if I will be capable of convincing them not to start the project.

When your personal values align with your professional ethics, one gets to care more about what they do and everyone’s benefits. This also helps to build a greater engagement in your work and having a significantly more profound commitment to the values of the people you care for. When they don’t get to align, it means you won’t care for anyone around you, which may lead to poor performance at work and home.

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