Army –McCarthy hearing

Army –McCarthy hearing, according to the video, was very eagerly waited for by many people. The hearing room in the senate office building was full of people squeezed in the small space, which seemed to only fit like half of the number that attended the hearing that day.

Men and women who were present on the hearing day elbowed each other as if they were sitting on the Griffith stadium’s bleachers. Some droplets of perspiration were observed beneath starched collars while the cigarette smoke drifted over the air towards the chandeliers. The room was crowded to the maximum showing that the day was significant to many Americans. It was important because if the room was to that extent of fullness, other citizens followed the case’s proceedings on televisions. The room’s design seemed to okay for weighty matters to were discussed. The room had massive benches and tables, which made it look quite right and historical. The large chandeliers and windows of the space provided enough light in addition to the enormous flood lamps. The lamps and cameras had dominated the room from the beginning hearing, which further crumped the already crowded room. With such a large crowd in the room, it is so evident that the temperatures would have been increasing. Still, none of the participants could show any signs of discomfort since their central role was to make sure they broadcasted Army-McCarthy hearing to millions of viewers.

The McCarthy assistant had was pudgy-faced and dressed in an oversize suit that seemed to have borrowed from an elder brother. From the video, Mr. welch and McCarthy’s assistant exchanged words that sometimes were sarcastic, humor and critics making the whole was filled with laughter. As the participants burst with laughter, McCarthy, Welch’s faces, and those sited around them were focused on by the camera showing a wider shot of them. From the video, the senator himself was seen emitting a knowing eye-roll and laughed as the others did, which was an anomaly since most people didn’t seem to expect such. The camera focused on the young man who sat next to McCarthy’s shoulder slumped and hands placed in his lap as he tried to smile, but a look of frustration filled his face and then dropped his eyes down to the table, maybe to his laps or hands. Most people in the room, including Mr. welch and McCarthy, were on glasses, and each moment they spoke, they had to pull them off. Welch and McCarthy spoke very slowly and like a person who had no teeth in his mouth. According to the video, the senator seemed arrogant because as Welch tried to pass his message to him, he was seen discussing other things with his sit mates and smiling.

Some of the anomalies observed in this video were arrogance and poor communication between the two sides because as old as they were, wisdom should be part of them. The exchange of harsh words made them look like people who had no standards. Another anomaly depicted by Welch is in contrast with modern-day society. Mr. Welch publicly rebukes senator McCarthy by asking him if he had no sense of decency left in him. He further scolds him while reminding him his forgiveness will have to be sourced elsewhere but not him. The anomaly stated above contrasts to normal gratification that is always accorded to politicians regardless of negative contributions or actions to society. But Welch did not grant him any gratification from the statement he made; it made him feel sorry and shameful.


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