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Over the years, America has experienced a severe problem with race and discrimination against ethnic minority groups. The first phases toward a resolution is for individuals, as American citizens, to recognize this challenging behavior and move forward together. The country has made significant progress since the abolishment of captivity and Jim Crow regulations. Still, atrocities and happenings in the last ten years have proven time, and that substantial progress relies on the country’s future. As a country, we seek to transform and move past the harrowing and discriminatory eras of the Civil War and isolation, however that is not existent in reality. American citizens originating from all ethnicities, classes, sexes, cultures, sexualities, disabilities, and professions are regularly perpetrators and victims of discriminatory practices. The media and racial movements contribute to the split between different ethnic race minorities and American citizens as individuals. Technological advances, such as immediate access to the internet, broadcasting, and social networks at the press of a button, have transformed the universe we reside in and how people comprehend it. Legislators, local and religious leaders, enforcement agencies, and concerned citizens must collaborate to improve relations. The viral propagation of the Black Lives Matter association group on social media and news sources, and their battle against anti-Black discrimination and fatal assaults on African American citizens by police officers and vigilante groups, have taken this nation and split it in more methods than was experienced in recent years.

The strikes on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by a Muslim extremist group on September 11, 2001, acted as a catalyst to discrimination against Arabs and Muslims in America. With a rise in racial discrimination and stigmatization, there was a substantial increase in sudden abusive behavior and racial violence. Individuals wearing headscarves were typically associated with the invasion, irrespective of racial or religious affiliation. Although some forms of targeted violent offenses have been reported, the large percentage of racial profiling against these two categories or anyone who resembles them happened in airports and high volume, highly publicized occasions. Since this terrorist act, the country’s racial relations have been on a downhill trajectory. Even with the emphasis on Middle Eastern race minorities, racial tensions among other ethnocultural groups in America persisted. Occurrences in Jena, Louisiana, nicknamed “the Jena 6,” astonished areas of the republic when the broadcasting media outlets and social media platforms started transmitting about the offenses. The broadcasts were centered on the detainment of six African High school learners for assaulting their white, advantaged colleagues, and how they were victimized and addressed by the state’s legal framework.

The primary objective of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to Graza, Cullors, and Tometi was to raise public awareness about existing cultural issues and to “acknowledge the lives of Black queer and transgendered people, handicapped people, black-undocumented population, and all Black communities along the gender binary (Ince 1815).” It concentrates on those that Black revolutionary movements have overlooked.  This is a strategic approach to develop the Black liberation movement.” It was evident in the headlines and on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that, despite motives, not all optimism was accomplished. Dreadful, unacceptable happenings in communities, like the vehement, continual demonstrations and uprisings by the black population in Ferguson, Missouri, following what is to be regarded as racism and hate criminal offense by a white law enforcement officer against an African – Americans, have encircled the #blacklivesmatter slogan.  Other tragic happenings have happened in the aftermath of the hashtag, such as the intended killing of police officers early during the year in Dallas, Texas. Additional slogans have evolved from #blacklivesmatter in aid of additional groups, for instance, #bluelivesmatter, which is voiced by individuals that endorse law enforcement, and #alllivesmatter, which is conveyed by others to exhibit unbiased backing or support for America’s lives as a whole (Taylor 2). The notion that BLM is in a “downturn” is untrue. Rather, the American mainstream media has been far less willing to cover the BLM’s worries, in part because it has been consumed by the daily disasters of the Trump presidency. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to assume that BLM is “diminishing” because the cameras are no longer visible. The revolution is still actually happening; it just isn’t being aired on television. Across the nation, BLM organizers are busy working in their communities, fighting for transformation, and speaking the truth. The Dream Defenders in Florida, for example, recently published their visionary proposal “The Freedom Papers,” and BYP100 recently celebrated its five-year commemoration.

The Black Lives Matter movement advanced from a peaceful, supportive community to a more aggressive opposition movement. At the beginning of the movement, they stood for large “hey, we matter too,” but things soon worsened in several ways, including conflict and personal insults. Protests by the BLM are connected with a 10% increment in murder (Carney 199). This means a few thousand more murders in areas with Blacklivesmatter demonstrations than anticipated if those areas followed similar trends as regions with no demonstrations. Foremost, criminal behavior may increase in regions where there have been demonstrations since individuals stopped calling the law enforcers or cooperating with them out of dread or fury, encouraging unlawful conduct. Moreover, some people trust that if the framework loses legitimacy because of police manslaughter, people will try to settle their differences outside the courtroom.  If this were to occur, we would anticipate seeing a decrease in recounted rates of low-level delinquency — fewer low-level atrocities can be identified compared to high-level delinquencies, including mass killings. Homicides are less probable to go unnoticed since a missing person and a body is involved. As a result, the rate of killing is generally the best predictor of what transpires in crime and murder.


America’s ethnic relationships among all racial groups have deteriorated over the last decade, evidenced by a series of incidents. More isolation, conflict, and ongoing fatal crime are inevitable if better collaborations and trusting relationships between race minorities, police departments, and communities are not formed. Whereas the black lives matter movement was initiated in the United States, it has received massive global backing, with local demonstrations in approximately sixty nations and each continent, excluding Antarctica. This is attributed to the fact that discrimination and racism are pervasive in virtually each culture. Racial subgroups have been deprived of access to equal prospects, services, and fundamental human rights on multiple instances. While most of these localized protests started in solidarity with their Western counterparts, most of them have evolved into new types and prompted new debates as they adjust to various contexts”. The progress made would begin to reverse, and local regions would ultimately experience the impact of ethnic discernment and hate misdeeds, not only the nation but the entire universe.



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