Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen


In recent years, technological advancements is considered as a recurring subject that makes people acquire knowledge regarding the significance of globalization. Reysen & Miller (2015) describes global citizenship and the attributes that a person should possess. In addition, an individual’s conduct or character is founded on their mind-set or approach. They treasure things such as social justice, conservationism, caring for others, and equivalence amongst varied cultures. The job market is likely to open up to the universal citizen. Plenty of jobs will be available ranging from accounting managers to teachers. Global citizenship is a thrilling subject to study. Integrating my experiences illustrates the connection amongst different cultures and training, demonstrating the globalization background, and how advanced technology has assisted more individuals to be global citizens and to comprehend globalization.

Globalism and Globalization

The link amongst the terms globalism and globalization, founded on the significance of the universe, illustrates the affiliation between globalism and globalization. Globalism is described as a nationwide strategy of handling the entire universe as an appropriate domain for political impact. On the other hand, Reysen & Miller (2015) describes globalization as the growth of a progressively incorporated global impact, for instance, free trading, free flow of capital, and the tapping of economical overseas labor markets. It is important to comprehend the good and penitent side of globalization. Numerous merits regarding globalization include economic development, and the leading of a higher way of life. To advance the abilities of a global citizen entail taking advantage of the available prospects.

The disagreement between theorists

The article articulates the backgrounds and results in the concept of universal citizenship. The authors define global citizenship as the understanding, caring and acceptance of cultural diversity and promotion of social impartiality and sustainability. According to Reysen & Miller (2015), there are diverse descriptions of global citizenship by philosophers. The discrepancies are attributed to several theorists feeling that there are various traits that highlight the significance of global citizenship while others bear divergent views on the qualities of universal citizenship (Jackson, 2016). Based on my understanding, global citizenship comprises of every individual that acts universally and recognizes every individual around them notwithstanding cultural background and other variances. Several critical elements that define global citizenship entail reverence, understanding, and equivalence.

Outcomes of Global Citizenship

The article articulates the various results of universal citizenship. The important results include social impartiality, conservational sustainability, appreciating culture, intergroup serving and the levels of sustainability. The two main results chosen based on the article include appreciating diversity and intergroup empathy.  Intergroup empathy is critical as individuals originating from diverse backgrounds might be confronted with melancholy and it is significant to portray compassion and adoration for other people (Budevici-Puiu, 2020). Through this result, we study the significance of nurturing kids to feel sympathy for other children notwithstanding various cultural upbringing, sex or ethnic group. Moreover, appreciating diversity is vital as it assists individuals to acknowledge others irrespective of different backgrounds. The result is imperative in globalization since at certain instance, we interact with individuals from diverse upbringings and it is significant to acknowledge their diversity.

Personal Examples of Events that Illustrate Development of Global Citizenship

During interactions with persons from diverse backgrounds, I normally experience the results that describe the growth of global citizenship. The initial occurrence that covered the results was a gathering that happened the previous year in my area. The gathering had individuals from diverse upbringings, cultures, and ethnic groups. The gathering’s purpose entailed generating awareness on safeguarding the environment. Throughout the gathering, we exhibited adoration for every individual. Throughout the gathering, understanding was displayed and every person that took part in the rally was appreciated. Another instance involved while strolling along the streets. In this case, I came across a Hispanic American citizen that was physiologically incapacitated. I assisted the gentleman and pushed the wheelchair notwithstanding seeing the color of his skin or upbringing. These deeds, therefore, depict my growth in valuing global citizenship.

General Education Courses

Throughout my educational progress, I have studied courses that facilitate global development. The first course concerns Children and Families in Diverse Society. The second program is founded on crime prevention. In the first program, provides information on children and families in a diverse community. Throughout the program, I had the chance of understanding some of the problems children encounter in their daily undertakings in their families.  I did not have sufficient information on ways of handling kids from other races. However, after partaking the program, I acquired on ways of taking care of kids from other upbringings. The second course that trained me on ways of becoming a global citizen was prevention of crime. This program talked about this contentious matter and how it has destructively impacted the global citizenship goals. Moreover, I have acquired several skills on methods of crime prevention and contributing in making the universe a better dwelling.


Recognizing ways of being a global citizen is of paramount significance in the current generation. All through this assignment, it explained the significance of global citizenship.    Throughout this week’s reading and videos, we have learned the significance of being a universal citizen.  Having the ability to assist others and be helpful to one another is imperative in life.  As inhabitants of the great universe, we should all endeavor to be global inhabitants and not condemn and victimize against each other.  It would cultivate a better universe for each one of us.




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