How to carry out a research project

How to carry out a research project

Start by finding a good topic. Try to come up with a question or problem area where you can contribute something new and original.

  • Formulate a clear problem statement you wish to explore.
  • You are to use scientific method to find answers to your problem statement.
  • Your objective should be to generate new knowledge or integrate existing knowledge in new ways, not to reproduce or gather existing knowledge to demonstrate what you have learned about your topic.

You will come up with the most significant contribution if you have a starting hypothesis or firmly held belief you wish to test or challenge.

Explore whether your research problem is new, or variants of old problem. The kind of problems you can pursue in research projects

What would be further detailed explanation of Question 2

This presentation may contain tables and illustrations—these do not need to be added through post editing

A writer should try to include TOCs in the essay (in Microsoft Word please)

How to Write Conclusion

Add reference and citations in the end of your paper. Is the ‘problem’ worth solving? Have you solved it? What insights have you arrived at? What directions for further research remain open? Please include Graphs, charts, diagrams which create graphically impressive presentation. Add your bibliography information sources at last at end of essay or assignment in footnote references.

Your paper needs to have a bibliography along with citations in the essay

. The references should be listed and signaled at the end of the essay or within the papers.

What is a Bibliography?

A bibliographic citation (in American English bibliography) is a precise and systematic method for documenting the basic reference information of a book, periodical article, web page, or any other source of published information to be found in a library. Most modern bibliographic citations are usually unnumbered within their list of references and contain only brief indications of what a reader might expect to find. A list of good business and study sources are; example book chapter, example article from authoritative journal such as “The Economic Times” or Time magazine

On What Company Analyse using His Strategy this company present big differences with its competitors :

Microsoft Mircosearch Engine Internet Exortller is one competitor to Google. According to current statistics Microsoft crawls by far less websites than Google does, but owing to its large share on all Internet searches, it receives many hits through searches on keywords like “Microsoft” or “Windows”, which no other search engine can compete with. It owns Internet Exortller. This is a small search engine (based upon its market share) for Asia and Germany, which primarily focuses upon the local market. The company does not try to establish itself in the search engine war with Yahoo and Google, but rather focuses its attentions into partnership agreements with both of those large companies .

The main goal: To improve and to make Search Technology , Discovery Applications more available for users, by making the technology adaptable for all kinds of operating systems(There are 32 languages including 6 regional languages in this site).

For promoting products and services, I’m Company takes advantage as that it can process more text faster than Google . Moreover site has users groups in several cities such as London, United States and some Asian states (Bangladesh, India , Pakistan are on their target but they not responding) and also have a popular resource MDG TechBase which is about all kinds of questions regarding internet , computers and related technologies (how to).

For example MDG-net provides an opportunity for first time computer users to experience their full potential by providing non commercial software, games and fun stuff for normal computer user as well as learning tutorial for basic computer courses.

Search Giant which was established in March 2003 commenced its internet operations from Bangalore. Search Giant Target is ‘to make people online technology enable’. As of 27 October 2008, the site reached 6,00,00 pages, had a presence in 17 major cities across India and the services in 22 languages (regional languages comprise about 100 dialects).

Search Giant has established an easy access learning centre ‘TechBase,’ which contains basic education and particularly supports urban underprivileged communities. The Indian government has officially launched MDG government portal, in IIIT Delhi (Information Indicator Technology Debt). Among others MDG also has released eLearning Kit And Video presentation as Free Online Training materials For all interested. Educational videos/presentations are free to use along with Free E-Learning Kit. By dishing out quality information on technology to build it’s reputation among competition not just finding but establishing Search Giant as the Leaders in search.

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