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Services that a customer receives determine whether they will make a purchase, refer the shop to the others, and make positive or negative remarks. The feedback from clients determines the future and development of the store. Having positive remarks from the buyers ensures there is a success for the company in the future. Negative remarks and reviews by the buyers spell doom for the store, which means there will be fewer customers. The company’s spirit and tempo are determined by the satisfaction and type of service the customers get from the organization. For car dealers, there are many different areas that count towards the overall grading by the clients. How they receive and welcome the buyers determines how satisfied the clients will be. For companies such as Kia or BMW, they have invested heavily in managing their customers and their feelings. They have realized the importance of considering the level and type of service they offer to the clients and how it is directly related to the success and future purchases (Bueschken, 2009). By having a better-trained team that takes care of the clients and their satisfaction, the two companies have managed to control the market, the feedback they receive, customer satisfaction, and new customers’ expectations when they visit the centers. Once the customers are satisfied, they know there will be more referrals, and this will be more effective than some marketing channels used by other companies to attract customers for their merchandise.

Treatment as a woman

The companies have great customer care agents. Having visited the center four times, they still had the patience and professionalism they had since the first start. They were welcoming the customers into their company and introducing the services and goods they had made the customers informed. This helped them choose the kind of car they had to choose as they had the information on the difference between each. This helped in clarifying the strong points and weak points of each vehicle (DR.K.VANITHA, 2012). By doing so, the service was flawless. Upon arrival, there was always a worker to welcome and direct the visitors to the area where they would be received by the professionals who would explain the difference between the different types of care they produced. The customers were served with refreshments and given entertainment materials that consisted of different brochures about the cars to read on the waiting bay.

As a woman, they took care of the needs, and they were extra careful and patient as they explained the different cars they built. This helped me better understand the cars, their abilities and capacities, and the ones that suited my needs. The industries’ workers were friendly and respectful, and they encouraged the buyers to ask questions on areas they did not understand (DR.K.VANITHA, 2012). They also encouraged them to be interactive to ensure they got the needs they had to be directed towards which car suited them most.

At the BMW stores, they had workers who were dedicated and trained to handle female clients, which helped ease the tension a lot. It was instrumental in letting the female clients open up about their car fantasies. It also helped in better decision-making as they easily understood the female buyers’ needs and desires more than the other attendants would. This makes the choices they make to be better informed and fulfill their needs rather than on impulse and blindly (O’Cass & Viet Ngo, 2011). This increases the reputation of the brand as the people who make the purchases from them are content with the machines they get, and they recommend them to others, acting as brand and marketing managers in the areas.

Services while with a man

When they see a potential customer accompanied by a man, they assume that they are a couple for most organizations. Thus they concentrate on the woman and do not consider the man’s needs largely, as they believe that the choice of the man will be highly influenced by the needs and desires of the woman. Contrary to that, the store for BMW ensures they get the needs of both the man and woman and they take into consideration the needs, ideas and fantasies of both and help them make a general conclusion and decision on the choice of car that will fit both their needs (O’Cass & Viet Ngo, 2011). This helps in making both customers feel appreciated, and their ideas and needs are taken into consideration. Despite visiting the store several times, they still welcome the clients openly and take them through the whole explanation and viewing process. This helps in refreshing the clients’ memories and adding more details for them to make their choices for the type of machine they will purchase.

Kia also has good customer service, and they welcome the couples warmly and listen to their ideas and thoughts on the type of car they need to purchase. This allows them to grasp the type and capacity the couple needs as they compare both the woman and man’s needs to determine the qualities that the car they buy needs to have. The workers also specialize in explaining the different cars and their qualities and telling the customers about the cars that will best suit their demands and desires (DR.K.VANITHA, 2012). The company workers are well trained in receiving, interacting, and explaining to the clients and on how to handle the ones with no decision made. This makes them more suitable for the buyers who are in a dilemma about the car they need to purchase.


Both BMW and Kia are world-class manufacturers of cars, and they have specialized in customer care to ensure there is comfort and satisfaction for the buyers when they visit the stores. The owners know of the importance of customer satisfaction and happiness in the market. They have used this as a way of marketing the reputation of their cars and services, and they have succeeded in pulling a huge following from the people who require vehicles. The ability to satisfy the clients and their need for cars has led to them dominating the market and having positive feedback from the buyers who got served and loved the way the workers in the centers work.

In some centers, such as BMW, they had specialized attention and treatment for new clients, and they offered in-depth training and education on the strengths of the cars and the reason one should choose them. This training and explanation help in a better understanding of the different engines and capacities and the one that suits a person’s needs and daily commuting. They also had specialized services that catered for the different genders, and this led to a quicker decision making process on the needs of the customers on a personal level.



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