MediSys Corp Part Three


Generally, the IntensCare Product Expansion Team is not executing its mandate well. As soon as the team was established, there were no preceding introductions amongst team members (Donnellon & Margolis 2009). This has generated issues amongst the members, which led to challenges such as getting all diverse subdivisions within the team to be on a similar page.

Different perception of Each Character

Every character portrays a varied insight. Foremost, the team’s structure indicates that each department concentrates on a specific responsibility. O’Brien heads the Product Engineering department and is part of the ad hoc panel for the initial advancement of IntensCare. He has a solid understanding of the projects as he is split between numerous developments (Donnellon & Margolis 2009). As a result, he trusts that the IntensCare project completion in the specified time limit is virtually difficult. Furthermore, his emphasis is to advance a superior outcome.

On the other hand, Fogel is the senior manager responsible for production who is accountable for the final assembling of the IntensCare structure. He trusts that he bears the full power to manage each undertaking within the corporation. More specifically, he has a general interpretation of the plan and plays a part in guaranteeing efficient communication. Mukerjee heads the Software design department as an initiator of subcontracting software designs in India and expansion functions. He has confidence in his approach and is confident that it may work.

Team policy and/or norms on communication, coordination, and team member evaluation.

The strategy on communication, management, and assessment of team members have stayed unchanged as they constantly were for the firm. Although members were engaged in another project team, they are still being assessed by the managers. The project’s leaders can supervise the project’s status and collect resources as required. This assists in the organization of the project. The leaders also serve as links to senior administration. This depicts how communications with the senior administration are managed. Communication amongst members of the team through emails and text messages might be considered as the viable technique as various members are omitted continuously. The team ought to have consultations to organize and communicate where every person is comprehended.


Donnellon, A., & Margolis, J. D. (2009). Medisys Corp.: The IntensCare Product Development Team.








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