Girl with a Balloon by Banksy


English graffiti artist and global prankster Banksy has succeeded in becoming one of the globe’s most acknowledged artists while at the same time maintaining anonymity. While remaining true to the street art style, he has developed a renowned design of art that uses satire, sabotage, dark humor, and irony to develop resounding social and political messages. His style is generally familiar, based on a trademark, stencil aesthetic, has raised him to an exceedingly imaginative artist. According to Brenner, his form of art lies in his capability to incorporate various aspects such as mocking to hoax audiences into thinking about the messages’ urgency and resolution (34). The sense of innocent whimsy and the bold, blatant facts concerning the period lifts him to a position of a powerful social intermediary under the art pretext.


Banksy’s painted image represents a little girl that portrays sadness and is considered as one of the most famous artworks by the street artist. The picture is developed in black and white, along with a dash of color. Observers can effortlessly associate with the icon of the red balloon, which, in this perspective, may not be a kid’s toy. The young girl does not try to grab the balloon, although not so clear to many. It would be just a toy had it not been painted red.

The red balloon is connected to the fragility of visions, simplicity, expectation, aspirations, and adoration. In the girl’s background, the message “THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE” is engraved on the wall at the side of this London piece of art. Even though the picture is be deemed as a symbol of loss, the message evidently states that no extent of the loss can exterminate optimism. This is a constant cue for individuals to remain optimistic as opposed to being self-indulgent in the losses.


This form of art is a true representation that modern art will characterize a particular moment in history. Well adored by the both the public and art collectors, her distressing sign spreads out to every individual, making the image one of the most commanding pieces of art in the 21st century.


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