Implicit Bias


The feeling of supremacy and segregation amongst the whites are considered as the great grandparents of implicit biases.  From implicit biases, a person can draw a direct line to the utilization of white supremacy in the United States that depicts blacks’ inferiority. Racial discrimination is deeply entrenched in American society, and any constant attempts to confront the situation means one may have to be deeply engaged for an extended haul. In addition, the aspect of critical thinking can significantly assist in overcoming the aspects of implicit bias.

To overcome the effects of implicit bias in society, incorporating and learning the aspect of critical thinking remains to be crucial in various ways. Foremost, critical thinking helps a person focus on viewing persons as individuals. Instead of concentrating on stereotypes to describe persons, it is essential to spend time seeing them on a more delicate, individualized level. Secondly, critical thinking assists in consciously working on altering the stereotypes. If a person can recognize that the responses may be based on a bias or stereotype, the individual is urged to make an attempt to consciously adjusting the responses.  The third attribute attributed to critical thinking is adjusting a person’s perspective. This means that a person ought to view things from another individual’s standpoint.  This revolves around self-questioning regarding positive outlooks such as how to respond if in the same position and dynamics that may be attributed to how persons act in specific settings or situations.


Implicit bias is viewed as a troubling aspect but is also considered as a pervasive way of life. Conceivably more disturbing, an individual’s oblivious approaches may not primarily support an individual’s blatant principles. Despite the increasing likelihood of individuals holding implicit biases in favor of their own group, it is not unlikely for individuals to hold biases against individuals in the groups they favor.


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