Subway Case Write up Critique


In this write-up, Subway has been defined as a brand that first began purposely to offer its customers with fast, healthy foods and several healthy alternative foods over the traditional existing fast-food options. I agree that the main problem faced by Subway faces has been moving away from their established health-conscious brand, and its focus shift from offering high quality and healthy food products as Subway’s culture are based on prioritizing product quantity over the quality.

Besides, I agree that the Subway’s shift from its original brand has given other competitors in the market to outweigh its competitive advantages based on healthy and fast service options, supported by various healthier alternatives.  Besides, Subway has decided to expand its business to acquire new markets for its products rather than compete within a limited market niche.

In solving the problems that Subway has experienced, I support the argument that they should improve the brand quality by applying the current technology while also trying to expand their market niche. Additionally, the Subway should also improve customer satisfaction to improve customer loyalty by being transparent with customers’ requests as they try to compete fairly with both the emerging and established competitors offering alternative but with similar brands.

Ultimately, there is a need for the Subway continues pushing for consistency across all its subsidiaries. The company should focus on training its employees to improve both production and customer service as they standardize their products across its expanding market niche. Such marketing strategies are parallel with Subway’s plans of rebuilding their brand image by working on their menu to maintain their customers while attracting new ones.


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