Online Reputation Management


The contemporary world has evolved technologically faster in the online sector. Therefore, reputation has been a significant factor to consider in our daily activities. An online reputation is the guard of ethical virtues portrayed by an individual or an organization based on other individuals’ perceptions. When an institution’s reputation is destroyed, the organization functions depreciate, leading to massive losses in profit, clients, and employees at large. It is vital to plan on social media when opening a business and in person, regarding reputation.

Business ventures require pan effective blueprint concerning prestige. When establishing a company, I would expect growth as the main deal of progress. Therefore, it would be ethical to enhance an efficient plan to protect my business in social networks, which are considered threats to progress (Dennis, 2013). When opening a business, I will need to execute a master plan involving my employees preparing for a social media crisis. The planning will help create a solid foundation that will prevent any unnecessary outbound message from demolishing its prestige. Colter, who has cancer, is an employee at Clays company becomes terminated due to inefficient services. Her brother sends defamatory statements on social media that destroy the company’s reputation. The court decided to make a ruling that favors the organization. I can’t entirely agree with the court ruling since the company had no established laws on reputation.

Business management involves a series of activities in its progress. For example, the brand company “Nike” has been working so hard to guard its reputation to prevent misunderstanding with clients. The company deals with online clients who deserve to be responded to every day. Therefore, Nike creates an engagement with its clients using separate handles for support (Defender 2019. Overall, updating social media platforms and often responding to online reviews will help curb the agony of reputation in the business and enhance growth.

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