A metaparadigm is a set of ideas that provide a structure of how a discipline should work. In the nursing practice, these theories comprise of four primary concepts that address patients as a whole. They also play an essential role in the health and wellbeing of patients. Despite the different nursing theories, the four primary metaparadigms explain the holistic view of care where an individual’s medical health and wellbeing is linked to four interactive components.

For instance, the first metaparadigm is the person component. It focuses mainly on the individual receiving the care. The concept extends to the family members and other imperative people to the patient. The outcome of the treatment is connected to how the patient integrates with the physical and social connections. The advantage of this concept is that of empowerment to help the patient manage his health and wellbeing. All this work is made possible through positive personal connections. People are valuable beings and are supposed to be respected, nurtured, and understood. They also have the right to make their own sound decisions concerning their health. As a nurse, it is vital to have the attribute of care towards the patients. Nurses are not just in this profession because it is a profession. As a nurse, I possess certain qualities such as empathy that help me take care of the patients daily. I also have strong values and morals because the profession requires individuals who possess excellent professional standards. These attributes have helped me to be kind and patient with all patients and their people. It has given me the grace to respect and take good care of them with dignity regardless of their religion, race, sexual orientation, or finances.

The second metaparadigm concept covers the environment component that surrounds the patient. This environment contains internal and external factors that affect the patient. The patients need to be in a good environment because it will assure them of their health and wellbeing. The way he or she integrates with the environment will either affect him or her positively or negatively. Interacting with family, friends, and other people is part of the environment. Other factors are physical, social, and emotional conditions. This concept points out that an individual can fix their environmental factors, enhancing their health status. As a nurse, it is paramount to observe the environmental factors that affect the patients. A healthy nurse environment can boost the healing of patients. I have worked to ensure that the patients are advocated to live in a conducive environment that supports and improves their health. I have been there for these patients who cannot speak for themselves to ensure that they are given treatment services in a friendly environment. With the knowledge that environment forms a basis of human social experience, it will help a nurse be ready to tackle some of the factors that affect the patients’ health. This aspect has helped me address developmental, physical, historical, psychosocial, and cultural processes. This concept has provided an excellent platform for building strong relationships with the patients, helping them recover quickly.

The health component refers to how the patient recovers from the condition they are suffering through the healthcare given to them. It is the component that contains many dimensions in a constant state of motion. The health and wellness of a person cover the lifespan of a person and their genetic makeup. It also assesses how the health care provided to them affects them physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Are they positively benefitting in these aspects or not? The theory addresses these factors because they affect and determine the wellness of one’s health. As a nurse, it is imperative to take good care of the patients. I have been professional in administering these duties as a nurse, where I handle the patients without bias or prejudice. I have been conducting myself properly around them and treating them properly. These aspects have pushed me to the plan of improving the services I provide to the patients.

Nursing practice is another essential component that helps ensure that the patients’ optimal health results are realized. These outcomes are created through a safe and caring environment for the patients. Through this component, I help execute the great skills and experience I possess to help these patients recover quickly. This process can be made possible through technology, collaborations, and communication to help achieve the best possible patient’s health results. The concept emphasizes more on providing services and works together with other metaparadigm concepts to help the patient recover quickly. As a nurse, I would ensure that I use the skills and the experience achieved through the profession to help patients achieve better healthcare.

Generally, nursing practice plays a paramount role in the healthcare of patients. They should use these metaparadigm concepts to improve patient’s health. They should address the issues that affect patients through these concepts to ensure that the health of the patients is assured.


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