Meg Jay Ted Talk

Meg Jay Ted Talk on “Why the thirties are not two twenties” says twenties are a throw-away phase or decade. In society, people have children later, getting married, and even starting their careers later. This results in a delay in starting to live our lives, achieve the careers we ever wished to have, and developing personally in our lives. Meg Jay talks of how society can live to reclaim their twenties and to be able to live a meaningful life instead of postponing them. I will discuss Meg jay ted talk on why the thirties are not your twenties.

I thought somebody would just get married at any time, achieve his dream career, not necessarily in their twenties, and develop personally as years go by. I didn’t know why our twenties are not a throw way but a stage in life where we can set the pattern and the life we want to live (Jay, 2013). Meg Jay says in the twenties, one has to invest in himself/herself to develop capital identity. In our twenties, she says we should invest in ourselves both socially wise and career-wise (Jay, 2013). This surprised me because it’s just a matter of making life socially having friends that make you comfortable.

I didn’t know that when in the twenties, we meet adults and even date people that we may want them to stay in our lives forever. Jay says marriage is all about preparing. This surprises me, for one has to be intentional about marriage just as the love he has for work (Jay,2013). Picking family is who you would rather than assuming it to work or minding who will choose you (Grown &Flown, 2015).






My subject is students who are youth in their mid-twenties. The compiled questions that I will ask my subject are:  First, how would the youth in the twenties create the life they want when so much is only but temporary? The subject answer is one should always plan and create a life for this is up to them (Jay,2013). They should be creative and agentic when deciding on their plan to live life. Secondly, why should the twenties reclaim adulthood?  The answer is no one is late, for in 20’s we feel the urgency of living the life we want. Third, how somebody moves towards their goal? The subject answer is by defining what goals he /she wanted to achieve in their twenties and making it happen even if it takes some time.

Forth, what personality changes do they experience in their 20’s? The answer is that they should always be prepared to focus on their generativity. Fifth, what factors affect the while selecting mates? Sixth, what emotional and social development do they face? In the twenties, they face challenges like thinking of careers, etc. Seven, how do they create friendship relationships? In the twenties, friendship is important for it defines future goals and marriages. Eight, how does psychological stress affect their health? Nine, how does education affect their life, and lastly, how does thinking affect their early childhood?

I find the answers surprising because it is important to relieve stress in our daily lives in 20’s age. My advice to 20 years old is there is no need to rush; you have all that time in the world. Commit to your goals., know what you want in life. They should always invest in themselves what is termed as an identity capital.










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