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Here in Hannon, summer seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. You are suddenly faced with the reality of colder nights as winter fast approaches. Now more than ever, you need to keep your HVAC system, and for that matter, your ducts, in the best possible condition. The best way to do that is with regular inspections by a licensed HVAC Company like B & G Heating. Our ductwork services in Hannon, ON, are designed with you and your family’s comfort in mind.

Common Causes of Air Duct Problems

Clients who reach out to us with ductwork problems often report similar issues: they have high energy bills, they have poor indoor air quality, and they have inconsistent temperatures throughout their homes.

Your air ducts could experience problems as a result of:

  1. Inconsistent airflow: If you’re not getting enough air in certain corners of your home, make sure there aren’t any objects blocking the air registers. Clogged registers are the likely cause of such issues, but if not, you might have open seams in your air ducts. Inaccurately sized ducts can also lead to airflow issues.
  2. Leaky ducts: The average Hannon household loses up to 30% of indoor air as a result of leaking ducts. This forces your HVAC unit to work twice as hard, which can cause regular system failures.
  3. Poor insulation: Poorly insulated ductwork, or a total lack of insulation, can result in condensation building up inside your air ducts. This will then lead to rust growth or mold. If your duct pipes are not insulated as required, they can cause inconsistent heating and cooling and contribute to high energy bills.

The B & G Heating Promise

When you choose our ductwork services in Hannon, ON, you can rest assured that we will be thorough and leave your ductwork in tip-top shape. No compromises.

Call us today at (905) 574-8747 to schedule air duct repair, installation, cleaning, or insulation in Hannon. Serving you is our greatest pleasure!



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