Abu Bakr Siddiq

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Author [If known]

Abu Bakr Siddiq

Title of Text (s)




Region/Where in the World?

Arabian city of Mecca

Identify: Genre (if possible) or How it is told/organized [Example: Non-fiction, Journal, Diary, Poetry, Biography, Fable, Poetry, etc.]

Arabic pronunciation

Brief Overview of the Author’s Life [150 words or less]

Abu Bakr Siddiq was born in 573 and died on August 23, 634. He was the closest as well as advisor of prophet Mohammad.  As a result of being close to the prophet, he was able to succeed in the political and administrative functions of the prophet when he died. This led to the establishment of the office of the Caliph.  He was born in the clan of Quraysh, and he was considered the first man to be converted to Islam. His influence grew because Mohammad married his little sister, and this saw him choosing him as his closest companion and advisor. He became the chief advisor to Mohammad while later leading public prayers in Medina when Mohammad was ill. When Mohammad died on June 8, 632, the Muslims of Medina resolved the succession crisis by accepting him as the first khalīfat rasūl Allāh.

Brief Summary [250 words or less].

The Quran starts by offering praises to Allah while at the same time, claiming that there is only one true God. This provides a brief introduction to the book. The surah that follows provides an account of the order of being. Individuals are, therefore, encouraged to be ethical as well as legal in their lives. Moreover, Abraham’s story is accounted for, and this is then followed by the description of the general principles guiding the human’s life.

Additionally, various passages of the Quran urges individuals to submit themselves to Allah while at the same time explaining how each aspect of life is linked to the submission to Allah. Moreover, in the Quran, Joseph’s story is also told while encouraging individuals to consider their place in the universe. The book also provides an account of Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Jerusalem by night.

The Quran also provides an account of Mary and her son Jesus who, in this context, is considered a prophet. It further provides an account regarding how Allah speaks through His prophets to show His truths. Throughout the book, there is a command to make a pilgrimage to Mecca while at the same time calling individuals to believe as well as obey the scriptures, while at the same time using the discernment in sorting through belief systems which individuals are likely to face in the world. Later, it explains society’s order, the role of both women and men in society, the part of the leaders in a company, the order of religious services, and the community.



Themes and Examples [Provide a brief explanation for each]

Various Themes lie in the Quran; just like the Bible, the Quran has many themes. Some of the articles in this text include:

The Uniqueness of the Islamic Faith– The first teaching of the Koran indicates this theme in terms of theological significance where Allah is recognized as the one, true God. It does not belong to a trinity, hence, not constituting monotheism. It provides claims about Allah; however, refute the Christian interpretation of Jesus as the Christians interpret him.

Holiness- Based on the Quran, a man is considered holy once his behaviors are based on the teachings of righteousness, as indicated in the Koran. This thinks the religious law regarding what each individual bought to wear, what they must eat, and how they ought to behave in society.

The Sacredness of text and names-The Quran text is considered holy in the Islamic faith in its Arabic form. The book has rules which guide the readers regarding the sanctity of characters. Other themes include the Sacredness of life, good and evil, among many different pieces.

Character List [If applicable]

The main Characters in the Quran include the following:

Allah, the one true God

Muhammad the True Prophet





Relate to Other Texts/Time Periods [if applicable]

The Quran is the Holy Book for the Islamic Religion; it’s comparable to the Bible, which is considered the Christians’ holy book. They both guide how individuals should live

State: Why should people study this text today/why care?

The Qur’anic revelations are regarded as the sacred word of God, intended to correct any errors in previous holy books such as the Old and New Testaments. Therefore, by studying this text, individuals will be well equipped with knowledge and skills about how they should live while at the same time abiding by the word of Allah.


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