Case Study: Cardiotronics, Inc.


Cardiotronics is a small firm founded in New Hampshire and comprises of two hundred personnel. The firm has developed a piece of equipment known as the cardiac monitor known to be more efficient and cheap to manufacture. The firm goes ahead to divide the assembly teams and mainly focusing on Marion Andrews, the new supervisor of Team D that has been faced with several challenges that Marion is trying to fix.

The root of the problem is the emergence of a Japanese firm in the U.S market that manufactures a similar cardiac monitor said to equal or better than Cardiotronics. Therefore, Team D experiences a challenge of falling short of the intended target of 40 machines by producing 36 machines despite possessing the best rating in terms of quality control as compared to other teams. Pat is incapable of handling the existing intensity of work. Other team members ought to be informed of the current situation but may not continue due to the speed of transition being related to the efficiency in production.

If I were the new manager, I would emphasize the point that Team D does not meet the required target of 40 units each day. I would not single out Pat Crane during the meeting even though he is vividly one of the main reasons that the firm is facing the challenge. The best resolution would be to address Pat privately in the office at the scheduled meeting. In addition, the feedback would be based on would sharpen his skills as a member of staff.

Since Pat has contributed to the team by assisting them in accomplishing the best quality control, the best solution would be not to fire him but encourage him to assemble the units quickly. This would be a biased decision-making process as a result of the considerations that he has been with the company for an extended period and ought to be given an opportunity to prove himself that he is up to the task. If he fails to achieve the given targets and improve the output levels, then it would necessitate to relieve him of his duties in the future.


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