Warfare Trends


Over the past decade, warfare seems to have been increasing tremendously all around the world. When world war 1 and 2 broke out, many lives were lost and properties destroyed. The countries involved worked things out amongst themselves, and peace and harmony were restored. Many decades later, in the 21st century, warfare seems to be prevailing more than ever. Many countries are still at war with each other. It is estimated that most causalities are civilians majorly women and children, as compared to a century ago, where the majority of casualties were military personnel. (Marc, 2016). International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is among the many global humanitarian organizations that offer mitigation to populations hit by disasters such as wars, famine, drought, and floods. ICRC was keen to note that they have doubled both their employees and budget over the last years, and this is evident that war is still increasing and lasting much longer in many countries (ICRC, 2018). They have also indicated that wars are often fought in densely populated areas using modern improvised weapons. Root causes of wars are difficult to address, and sadly the wars usually involve partners and allies. It is safe to say that wars are increasing as days go by, and this can be proven by the fact that there has been an increase in terror groups, political rivalry, tribalism, and other vices contributing to the loss of lives.


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