To what extent is it safe to combine details from the accounts?


It is not safe to combine the accounts because there are many differences between the three sources.  According to the sources, Florus and Appian focused on military issues, while Plutarch based his argument on the parallel lives (Crassus’ life).  The Apian and Florus discussed the civil wars of Roman and survivals in the revolt for slavery freedom.   On the other hand, Plutarch gives descriptions of the story of parallel lives. To combine the details from different accounts, sources must have identical information or similarity in the combined sources.

2) Can one draw any conclusions about Spartacus′ character from the sources?

It is not possible to conclude the character of Spartacus from the sources. It is only Florus and Appian sources that try to give the real characters of Spartacus. Plutarch source provides the story about the parallel lives focusing on the lifer of Crassus. Spartacus portrayed the sympathetic, fascinating, and fugitive characters. Also, Spartacus inspired oppressed individuals to rebel and battle for equality. All the characters of Spartacus cannot be fully drawn from the three sources as they do not explore everything about the characters.

3) Can one decide what the cause of the revolt was from our sources?

The harsh management of the gladiator caused the revolt. The gladiators escaped and tried to rescue slaves from the hands of the Romans. Many people joined gladiators in the revolt. The revolt occurred as the gladiator fought for the rights of slaves. The prominent revolts that occurred, the first revolt was sparked by gladiators, and another revolt was on gladiators.  Spartacus himself generally fought bravely in the forward-facing rank.  Generally, the revolt was caused by a fight against the gladiators’ anti-slavery trials and the Roman military trying to maintain the slaves.

4) Can one draw any conclusions about the Roman military from our sources?

It is possible to conclude the Roman military from the given sources. The success of Spartacus illustrates that the military was flagging. Since the Roman Empire did not recognize how slaves can be a threat.  As a result of the empire’s negligence, the gladiators emerged victoriously. The sources provide full details about the Roman military, which focused on offering individuals possible brilliance. Since the three sources give information on the Roman Empire’s history, it makes it easy to draw the Roman military conclusions.

In conclusion, Spartacus led the military of escaped slaves that shaken Italy but was eventually overpowered by the Roman Crassus. The most important sources concerning the revolt give the story of the Life of Crassus, told by Plutarch, and in the story about Appian’s civil wars. Both biographers existed in the recent century but used old accounts. These old accounts include the Accounts of Sallust and account of Livy about the foundation of Rome. Another account is that of Annius Florus, who is the biographer of Rome’s history since the foundation of the great Roman historian, Livy.  The three sources provide the history concerning the revolt, which occurred due to slavery. The three sources are worthy of being used due to their clarity and similarity in the research. The conclusion drawn from the sources can be standard based on their effectiveness and flow of the information.

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