Protecting a Company from Ransomware Attacks

As a technology student and an aspiring cybersecurity specialist, I believe that any article concerned with data security is of utmost interest. I find eWeek Editors’ article “How to protect your company from ransomware attacks” the most interesting and ideal for my career and education. This article, which can be retrieved from, presents five strategies to protect a company from ransomware attacks. These strategies include deploying a real-time malware detector, deploying a backup solution that supports comprehensive data analysis, conducting forensic analysis including machine learning, not paying a ransom, and implementing ideal cyber-recovery practices.

Reading the respective feed allowed me to appreciate that malware attacks are among the most difficult cybersecurity issues the technology industry is currently facing. Even though numerous of these attacks exist, the editors chose to base their analysis on ransomware, in which an attacker denies users access to certain computer resources until they pay some amount of money known as a ransom. The article’s most critical parts are the five strategies that the editors recommend for protecting companies against ransomware attacks. When faced with similar cybersecurity, I would use the given strategies to help whichever company I would be working to remain protected.

Essentially, in addition to the methods given by the article, I would conduct additional research on the subject to find out if the given approaches can equally be used to achieve protection from other malware such as worm, trojans, viruses, and adware. Ideally, information technology professionals can utilize the article’s knowledge and from additional research to establish the most appropriate ways to counter malware attacks. Cybersecurity would be significantly enhanced in the long run, and companies might not be susceptible to data breaches as it is currently.

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