Plans to make a good relationship among the officers and community

Problem: communities fully depend on prosecutors to protect them against injustices and crimes; thus, law enforcement to the public is essential. The precinct commander also relies on the community for support and cooperation to maintain people’s safety; sometimes, the relationship between the precinct commander and community is strained due to many neighborhoods ( Bell,2002).

Solution: The problem is solved by working with community members; the police and prosecutor work with the community to lower the crime rate and provide total security. The Polices department, together with the neighborhood, has a policy on solving the community problems and producing effective results. The precinct commander should allow an open dialogue with the community to serve the neighborhoods’ concerns on crime and ensure the policies (Great Britain. Home Office,2008).

Executing mandatory minimums

            Problem: Law sentencing has become a major problem and overly punitive; there is a long time sentence for petty crimes, the country has felt the consequences since the staying in prison has increased from 36 percent from 1990 to date. Also, the prisoners’ population has increased to 400 percent since the 1980s making the prisons hold the inmate 39 percent past the normal capacity (Tonry,1995). Research has shown that long sentencing does not help the community since long prison time has also led to repeated offenses; thus, prison tends to create serious offenses when not used correctly.

Solution: The law enforcement should reform mandatory minimum laws; they should also reduce the sentences set by the law. They should make sure that they speak against counterproductive and harsh laws. The judges should have flexibility in giving the punishment but should be proportional since if the jail time is reduced, they are a likelihood of repeated crimes (Breuer,2006).


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