News article


  1. Grade level

4th Grade

  1. Standards


  1. Fluency TEKS- Reading TEKS Students in Grade four are expected to read and understand the text’s fluency in this section to enable them to comprehend the purpose of the reading in this Grade.
  2. Vocabulary TEKS-Reading/ Vocabulary Improvement. Students are supposed to use context to ensure they understand different new words they encounter in this Grade reading.
  3. Comprehension TEKS-Reading Comprehension of the Text. In this section of the reading, students are supposed to summarize only the important ideas that he/she encounter in the text. It will be crucial to support any single idea identified without giving personal opinions, biased.
  4. Listening/Speaking TEKS (Teamwork)-All students are expected to take part in-class discussion to give a chance to other fellow students in different groups to provide views about their points. At this particular time, students are supposed to identify main ideas by either agree or disagree with other group ideas.


  • II Reading
  1. It will be upon the students to read and pinpoint textual information and come up with conclusions which will help then to analyze, evaluate the word across the text and varying lengths,
  2. Students are expected to recognize how the news article author uses his/her language to express senses, create imagery, and suggest the mood.
  3. Students must find out the words used to convey mood and voice, which are used to identify the setting and time.
  • II Reading
  1. Grasping new words in which students are expected to use them appropriately while reading, speaking, and writing.
  2. Students are expected to identify vocabulary found with the text and concepts that have relationships with differing words in the book.
  3. At this point, students will have chances to describe the meaning of the new words which they have identified in the text. The importance of each word should be defined depending on the context and the surrounding terms.
  • III Speaking
  1. All students are supposed to improve speaking chic that will help them to effectively communicate with other group members and when conversing with one another directly.
  2. Students are expected to participate in a group discussion in classrooms with fellow students.
  3. The group discussion is supposed to be used by students to complete assigned tasks by the subject teacher.
  • III Listening
  1. The student must listen effectively in informal and formal
  2. Students are expected to listen actively and effectively in group discussions at all times
  3. Through effective listening techniques, the students are supposed to complete a group task assigned by the teacher.
  4. Objective

This lesson plan’s primary goal is to make sure students understand the text being taught in class. For instance, it will be necessary for students to be fluent with the kind text and information presented before them by the subject teacher. Besides, comprehending the book will be graded with how well the student will have the ability to summarize the information found in the text. Also, in the text, the new word will be presented in the vocabulary rating chart, showing how well the students understood unfamiliar wording in the book. Effective and efficient participation in the group discussion will ascertain that the students gained the relevant listening and speaking skills that are supposed to be acquired at this particular elementary level.

  1. Materials





Computer to access and view the videos

Anticipation Guide

Concept map

Exit slip with Comprehension questions

Vocabulary Rating chart

Partner talk flashcards

Problem/solution outline

  1. Engagement/ Anticipatory set

NBC Learn Video: Get Healthy: Hygiene

Air Date May 11th, 2019

Discussion Technique: Snowball

Before I allow the students to discuss the topic, I will let them watch NBC Learn Video on maintaining hygiene to eliminate the number of germs causing illness on our skin. Every student will work alone, and after some time, he/she will choose a partner whom he/she feels comfortable working with before the entire class is allowed to participate in the topic. It will be necessary for the students to ask each other the following questions.

  1. How frequent should one clean his/her hands?
  2. How many times is one supposed to take a bath?
  • Are germs causing illness preventable/
  1. How is one supposed to do to avoid spreading germs whenever he/ she gets sick?
  2. Procedure
  3. Before

Before I allow students to continue reading the article, they will have to fill in the anticipatory guide. (Comprehension Strategy)

Various germs and bacteria




Yes No
Is bacteria bad if found on our skin?
Can germs cause illness if not properly removed from our skin and touch frequently touched surfaces?  


Is recommendable to wash our hand with soap to kill bacteria frequently?
Is it possible to spread bacteria from one person to the other?
Are germs causing illness preventable?


To gauge whether the students comprehended vocabularies, each student will be expected to fill in the vocabulary chart below. (Vocabulary)

VOCABULARY WORD I’ve never heard of this word. I’ve seen or heard of this word. I think I know the definition. I knew the definition.
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4


b). During

When the students read the news article, every two students will be expected to fill in the following concept map. (Comprehension)

To enhance the students’ fluency, two paired partners, we are expected to read the article several times and the given chance to correct the error they make. By doing so, the accuracy rate for each student will increase accordingly before they finish the current elementary Grade. (Fluency)

          c). After

Once the activity is over, the students will be expected to submit an exit slip, which will contain a maximum of five questions. Since it is the last bit of the activity, students are encouraged to discuss with fellow group members to ensure they are answered correctly.

  1. Extensions

NBC Learn Video: Get Health: Healthy Diet

Airdate June 22nd, 2019

Discussion Technique: Partner Talk

For this particular video on a healthy diet, each student will be expected to go for his/her partner and use flashcards to facilitate the talking process. To ensure all flashcards are utilized in this session, one student will initiate the video and follow until they are depleted.

  1. Accommodation/Modification

For ESL students who did not understand this lesson’s stages, the teacher will put them in one group and offer different learning activities to catch up with others. Also, those who have learning difficulties will be grouped with those who have no problems being guided. The teacher will take assist, where the students will have more questions to understand.

  1. Evaluation

The teacher will analyze the exit slip to find out whether the lesion was successful.





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