Importance of Life

Why is life important? Life is immensely important and demands exigency to be taken earnestly. This means time should not be wasted since there are significant things in life to accomplish. Many challenges surround one’s life. These challenges make us strong and wise enough to better our life. At that point, change is the focus, particularly on one’s behavior. The energy investment in self-change is what enables us to connect with our own deeper purpose. The amount of energy you engage in your life defines happiness to its fulfillment. This means that the greatest project that one can invest in is yourself.  Although many choose to attempt to end their lives in response to suffering and grief, a better answer people should consider is to preserve through and live, because one will discover how precious life is and how interconnected we are to one another.

We always witness many people undergoing difficulties in their life. In life, selfish people are seemingly driven by their own desires without caring for others. What people should understand is that God wants us to exercise love for others. Caring for others defines the will of God on humanity. Sometimes hardships in life happen to end up leaning the importance of life (Santayana, 2017). Facing difficulties is part of life, which helps understand the reality of life. Spending time with friends helps us develop various personalities and bond with others (Mackinnon, 2018). According to Paul Kalanithi, the importance of living a healthy life is leaning from downfalls attributed to our own mistakes.

Despite life being full of challenges, it does not negate its importance to us. This is because we do not know how long we are on earth. According to  Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air, our lives are very limited to death and, therefore, should distinguish life, death, and the question of why we live. This means that one of the most important aspects of life is to live a life of discovery. This is attributed to how we study to discover new things that make our lives interesting (Kalanithi). Paul Kalanithi, in his book, explains how life is a critical experience, especially when it comes to times of suffering. We live to discover various things. Our dreams make life worth living and the power to reach the goals that help us accomplish unbelievable things and fulfill those rather hard to achieve dreams. We do not have to live life to waste it since it is a precious gift from God. This leads to the justification that life is important to us because we must fulfill God’s will.

All life is interconnected because it is not only based on humanity but also a wild perspective. Every day, we breathe air shared by a vast diversity of living things. Animals and plants have been granted this gift and must be protected. It is worth living not only for oneself, but to take care of the living things. This makes life make sense in the entire universe. It is a hard path to follow for many of us (Santayana, 2017). May the love that we show to others is not necessarily reciprocated the same love (Lachs, 2017). It is our duty to guard this precious gift given by almighty God to save other creatures’ lives and protect nature. Paul Kalanithi claims that learning what lives could be saved and whose not to be saved under any circumstances defines life’s importance.

One cannot achieve his or her goals without facing life challenges (Kalanithi, 2019). The above quote that excerpted from the book is a great representation of how beautiful life is and perfectly concludes the essay. It shows how sometimes life becomes a lot, but it should not be taken for granted. It is a God-given gift, and we must not waste any opportunities to embrace the importance of life by living it to the fullest. It is the responsibility of humans to take care of each other and their surroundings. It would be best if you chased your dreams because you never know what you might discover to fulfill that responsibility you have towards others. Finally, life is worth it because they realize how quickly it all ended when it’s too late in many people’s last breaths.

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