Health organization evaluation

United health group Incorporated is an American for-profit health care based in Minnesota. It offers health insurance services and products. United health care is the largest company in the world by revenue, with 2018 revenue of $226.2 billion and 115 million customers. As of 2019 united health care have over 300,000 employees. This paper will focus on the readiness of united health care to meet the health care needs of citizens in the next decade, prepare a strategic plan to address issues pertaining to network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction, will identify any current or potential issue with  organizational culture and discuss how these issues may affect aspects of the strategic plan, Propose a theory or model that could be used to support implementation of the strategic plan for this organization.

United health care was created in 1977, its roots trace back to Dr. Paul Ellwood, the health policy guru who coined the term “health maintenance organization” in the 1960s and helped entrepreneur Richard Burke found the company in 1977. United health care has a mission to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone. United health group is a very diverse health and well-being company headquarters in the United States and a leader worldwide in helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone. UnitedHealth Group offers health benefits and services to people residing in all 50 states in the United States and more than 130 other countries.

Organization’s overall readiness

United health care provides health insurance and services to 75 million people worldwide with the vast majority of that business stemming from the US. United health care is keeping up with the modern technology and is offering modern medicine and make it easier to access health benefits and services for its consumers. For example, Now Clinic online care.  The Now Clinic provides individuals with secure, real-time access to a network of licensed physicians via their computers using secure live chat, and face-to-face using webcams. Doctors can review health concerns and symptoms, discuss medications and refer patients to health care facilities for further treatment when necessary. With now clinic it can decrease emergency room visit and decrease health care cost. Modern technology use by united health care is the Health4Me App a new mobile app, Health4Me, l.m,ujhyujit brings important health information to individuals, it is easily accessible and right at their fingertips. Features include easy access to registered nurses, personal health benefits information. With all the modern on the go healthcare based on technology united health care organization is ready to provide care for the citizens over the next decade.

strategic plan to address issues pertaining to network growth

health care environment is in constant change, strategic planning is “the process in which organizational leaders purposefully look ahead into the future, outline goals for the organization, and develop a process to reach those goals”. United health care strategic planning is to partner with multiple organizations to improve their services and the person as a whole. By joining forces with multiples partners united healthcare will have new insight and be able to better serve their community, create the path to a healthier future by: Connecting Individuals to quality care, creating a 21st century health workforce, supporting whole person health and serving the community. A way that united health care can prepare for network growth is to provide better on the go service such as tele medicine where the millennial cover under their parent policy can access health care that is in network with their smart phone or computers no matter where they are, without worrying about out of network expenses and also for united health care to partners with different pharmacies and laboratory so customers can get easy access to medications and labs draws, it will take away a lot of the guessing games and the searching for participating providers out of the equations.

strategic plan to address issues pertaining nurse staffing

United health care is one of the nation’s largest health insurer. In order to provide high quality patient center program UnitedHealth Group in 2008, established the Center for Nursing Advancement to improve the way it was hiring, retaining, and working with nurses. The Center grew from serving 6,000 nurses in 2008 to more than 20,000 nurses today and is now a critical component for promoting the profession. Nurses and nurse practitioners spend more time with the patient assessing their history and environmental risks, nurses can connect the patient with other health services that can be preventive, for example an exercise program, a class on how to care for diabetes, congestive heart failure, etc… it will prevent unnecessary admission and visit to the hospital. Having a community nurse led base program with be more preventive and in turn will decrease health care for the company and have a positive impact and will help united health care achieve their vision which is to help people live healthier lives.

strategic plan to address issues pertaining resource management

United health care provides online ressources for its customers and physicians.  Through online services customers or potential customers can choose services that is best for them and their families. Physician can access to see what medications is covered under their patient plan and prescribed accordingly. Again, a strategic planning that can help is easy to understands ressources and benefits from a consumer point of views, with all the different companies and the supplemental healthcare especially for the elderly it can be really confusing.

strategic plan to address issues pertaining patient satisfaction

choosing a healthcare plan is very challenging these days with a multitude of options and complex details. United health care is always working to make their plans even better and easy to understand and choose. UnitedHealthcare, we work to help prevent health care errors through our commitment to educating members and doctors. In 2015, UnitedHealth Group ranked No. 1 on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list in the insurance and managed care section for the fifth year in a row. Strategic planning that can also help with patient satisfaction is to have a nurse call that can triage the patient over the phone, easy access to customer service to help with billing and questions and also customer service to help potential customer choose a plan that is best for their needs.

current or potential issues within the organizational culture

diversity help united health care to incorporate a wide variety approaches and perspectives into all aspects of our business, helping us to better serve organizations and individuals who come from all walks of life. United health has a diverse team that understands and responds to the multicultural community that they served. Having a mixture of backgrounds and perspective not only serves them to develop strong products and programs our customers need, but also helps team members have deeper connections to the organization and each other, experience respect and safety in their workplace, feel valued for who they are and apply their talents in ways that make a difference. Potential issues that can arise with the organization is a lot of their consumers do not seek health care unless it is an emergency and the coverage for certain emergency room physician and anesthesiologist and other providers an be out of network because of the cost and the reimbursement provided by the insurance company.

Propose a theory or model that could be used to support implementation of the strategic plan for this organization

A theory that can be used for united health care is the nudge theory.  This theory utilizes the concept of “nudging” as the basic principle to perform certain tasks that would inspire or encourage employees to work towards a common vision. According to Merriam-Webster’s, to nudge (2018) is to “gently push.” Since health care system and healthcare delivery is forever changing the need to gently push changes is in the health insurance company best interest to push those changes into effect. Clearly define the changes, provide evidences, listen to feedback and modify changes accordingly.


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