Economy: Born or Made

In every economy, there are those who rise up and take up the position of entrepreneurs in society. An entrepreneur is either born or made by the environment that surrounds them on a day to day basis. After having listened to the full interview conducted on an entrepreneur, Nitish, it is evident that all entrepreneurs must be made and moulded by society so that they can acquire the skill of entrepreneurship. However, this is not to say that all entrepreneurs are born. The entrepreneur in the interview has several character traits of born entrepreneurs, such as being very curious about money and making money from an early age. He states that the general idea of coming up with the idea that has the potential to change the world or the society around him and even making some money in the process was always exciting from him even when he was still a young boy. The process of brainstorming made him desire to become an entrepreneur when he grew up. Nitish always works hard even when he knows that he does not have to work hard because he has a huge team of employees who will keep working regardless of whether he shows up for work or not.

Nitish also showcases characteristics of a made entrepreneur such as being conscious about his customers and makes a deliberate effort to try and improve on the company’s relations with his customers. He carefully analyzes any situation before making any decisions because he knows that poorly made or decisions made without accurate information can have severe negative effects on his business. He has also embraced modern-day technology and has incorporated it into his day to day operations, and this has helped him expand his scope of operations as well as gain significant market share. There have been several lessons along the years that have proven to be very useful to Nitish, and they have helped in shaping him into the entrepreneur that he is today.

Discovered or Created

More often than not, many people in society are often unable to see the unique opportunity that is right in front of them ready for the taking. However, there are those individuals who are not afraid to seize such opportunities and find out whether it was worth their time and effort or not. In the case of the interview with Nitish, it is evident that the entrepreneurial opportunity was both discovered and created. During the interview, Nitish stated that he saw how much students suffered because they were unable to access meals that were cooked at home due to their unavailability at their respective learning institutions or because they did not have the time to make such meals for themselves. During this time, Nitish was a day scholar and therefore did not experience any of the hardship with his meals because he ate at home. However, all that changed when he went to study abroad and suffered the same fate together with his friend. After having observed how many students were suffering with their meals and also experiencing the struggle firsthand, they decided to launch their business after they had returned home, in India.

Despite this entrepreneurial opportunity being a natural gap in the already established market, Nitish and his friend also helped in creating and modifying the opportunity to suit their needs and interests. Due to their limited financial capabilities, they mostly outsourced various forms of labour, such as their first consultant chef who had a lot of experience in the food industry. They also outsourced technical help from a tech company to help with various issues on their website. The business also outsources accounting services from an accounting agency as a way of saving on expenses. The business started adapting and evolving with the feedback that was being obtained from the customers. Customer feedback is very important because it helps with the process of identifying which areas or activities of the business need to be changed or improved in order to provide better goods and services to the customer. By filling the already existing gap in the market, it is true to state that Nitish and his friend discovered the entrepreneurial opportunity.


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